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Public Health Issues

Public Health

Public health nutrition is the promotion of good health with nutrition fulfillment and the prevention of nutrition-related illnesses in the people. It solves public health situations related to nutrition and problems across the globe. Public health issues are the health promotion role of nutrition in disease prevention and the application of research to identify practical solutions.

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A Brief Study of China Politics

China Politics

China is a country with 1.4 billion people. It is the 2nd largest economy in the world after the USA. It has the world’s largest manufacturing industries in the world. It is the 1st level consumer market and 2nd largest importer in the world. China also has a recognized military power and a huge collection of weapons. It spends billions of dollars on its defense party. China is increasing its power in international politics.

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A Short Description of African Politics

African Politics

Africa is one of the most dictatorship regions in the world. Most of African politics is dominated by the autocratic ruler. The Political system of South Africa has changed by operating democracy. It is one of the mentionable development states in the African region.

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A Brief History of Bangladesh Politics

Bangladesh Politics

Bangladesh is a developing country in the world. The Journey for Representative government has been an imperative part of the history of Bangladesh. The freedom battle of the eastern Bengali people groups against the British, partition from India in 1947, and severance from Pakistan in 1971 set the organization for the people of Bangladesh to make a democratic political framework.

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The Communication History, Types, Process, Skills & Importance


Communication meaning share which comes from the Latin word ‘‘communicare’’.It is the process of sharing and understanding the meaning which involves interaction between participants. It helps to meet needs, but it also helps to connect with the other person.

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Why is Girl’s Education Important?

Girl's Education

Girl’s education goes beyond getting girls into school. It is additionally almost guaranteeing that young ladies learn and feel secure whereas in school; have the opportunity to total all levels of education obtaining the knowledge and skills to be capable and serve equally in the labor market, society, companies and even in homemaking also in a proper and eligible way.

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Issues of Development Communication

Development Communication

evelopment communication refers to vital communication toward and almost social change. The development includes deliberateness techniques planned to advantage the open great, whether in terms of fabric, political, or social needs. Communication locks in intercession by communities, developments, and organizations inside these organizations and social structures to advance advantageous dialogic activity.

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How to Write a Book Report?

How to Write a Book Report

Are you an eager bookworm who cherishes to share what you thought of your most recent examination? Composing a book report may be an incredible way to let individual peruses know around an energizing unused page-turner—or allow a heads up that a book might not meet expectations.

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Significance of Demography


Demography is the logical consideration of human populaces concerning their measure, their structure, and their improvement; it takes into consideration the quantitative angles of their common characteristics. Demography is getting to be a major political and social issue in nations where the statistical move is coming about in major shifts in populace make-up, and less extreme in Western European nations.

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Why Does Community Development Emerge?

Community Development

Community development could be a process where community individuals come together to require collective activity and produce arrangements to common problems. Community development ranges from little activities inside a little bunch to expansive activities that include the broader community. What does community mean? The area, town, or where we live, is our community. It has […]

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