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Benefits Of Employment: The Temptation For Job Life

Benefits of employment

Benefits of employment include all those tangible & intangible rewards & empowerment that a job holder feels or gets as she or he attends the office regularly, performs assigned tasks diligently, maintains effective communication with all the parties & dedicates energy to attain organizational objectives. The benefits of employment are the elements or charms of job life for which a job is considered extremely valuable & morale booster.

The Benefits Of Employment

The benefits of employment or the employee benefits have both tangible & intangible elements in it. Both are described here in separately:

The Tangible Benefits Of Employment

The 5 Tangible Benefits Of Employment are:

1) Continuous Flow of Cash at Hand

The first thing that motivates maximum people towards job life is being worthy of receiving a good amount of money each month with the total freedom of wishful spending without feeling much obliged to anyone for the first time! Trust me, this is one of the few best moments or feelings of life. End of the day, money matters a lot to lead a happy & meaningful life. When with time, the salary increases, it adds to huge happiness only. The cash keeps coming even after retirement also.

2) Festivals Bring more Happiness with Bonus

With the first year of job & earned money, life feels great & this feeling gets augmented when the festival bonus is received before a festival begins. This festival bonus boosts motivation to many levels as the job holder can get to spend money for buying gifts & other items for the family & friends.

3) The Furnished Single Room

In a lot of positions, the job holder is allotted a separate room with all the required equipment arranged in it. This room is not only a room but also the source of motivation. The chair to sit in, the desktop or laptop to work with & the desk to organize with stationary gradually become the loyal companion of a job holder & an address to belong.

4) Increasing perks

The job life becomes more attractive as apart from the regular salary & bonuses, there are other financial gains too. In many organizations, the cost of food items, stationery items, transportation along with medical expenses of employees is disbursed not by the employees rather by the organizations. This adds to the happiness of an employee & for such an employee benefits the pressure of job life seems reasonable or tolerable.

5) The performance bonus

The skilled & top performers of any organization get extra benefits in the name of a performance bonus. Each year, there is a review of the works completed by the employees & the ones who outdo all others are given extra points for which there is scope to earn more than others which is absolutely a morale booster.

The Intangible Benefits Of Employment

The 5 Intangible Benefits Of Employment are:

1)  The Respect Earned

Apart from the earning & decorated rooms, there is newfound respect everywhere starting from the family. When a person is elevated to job life & works hard to prove one’s potential, it resonates with others. Everyone appreciates a hard-working person. The newly joined employees get overwhelmed with the respect shown to them even by the colleagues & senior members.

2)   The Power To Command

With the designation of a job, there comes the power to command others. Sometimes, the junior employee will have staff members reporting to him or her. Becoming the reporting boss, distributing duties & supervising them gives an empowering feeling. Such feelings at the early stage are extremely inspiring.

3)  The Recognition

In some societies, if a person is jobless nobody treats him or her as someone special no matter how talented he or she might be. When the same person becomes a job holder, the table turns & status is upgraded & people’s perception changes. He or she becomes an important voice in the surrounding society from the professional circle to family, relatives & neighbors.

4)    The Decision Maker

In-office, the employees are being called upon for making decisions. Even the newest employee will be given a floor to speak up & share dreams & how he or she can work to attain the organizational objectives. If the authority is convinced with the speech, this call-in meetings for making decisions will continue. This happens in families too.

5)   Being The Role Model

A job is not only a set of work or summation of some interrelated tasks, for many people around the world, but a job is also an identity. It makes a person a role model for the next generation. In family or in office, the best employees are role models for the next generations even if those employees leave or quit, they keep the legacy behind being the efficient ones.

These are some well-observed benefits of employment for which people crave to be involved in a profession where they will enjoy these benefits & the newly elevated status.

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