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10 Best Ways to Get a Suitable Job: Introduction

10 Best Ways to Get a Suitable Job

Job is an important part of our life. A person’s life changes through various stages in his or her whole life. From childhood to adulthood, from student life to occupational life a person keeps growing. Among all these phases, student life is a defining stage of life. In this stage that spans over almost 18 years of life for most, builds the foundation for a person to face the life afterwards.

The skills & habits acquired in student life are instrumental in achieving success in professional life. When the student life is coming to an end, the next big thing is searching for a suitable job to be independent & live with dignity. Though not all students can make a good score or become qualified enough to be worthy of a job eventually, all of them hope for a suitable job at the end!

The state of being unemployed is a terrible feeling for the graduates. No involvement in either job or business keeps haunting them leading to long term frustration. So,

  • Why a job is that important?
  • What the ways are there to get a suitable or dream job for a student completing educational life successfully? &
  • How to be prepared for a job?

are the prime objectives to write this book targeting the students mainly who are at their stage of completing graduation. For the convenience of the readers, the subject matters have been divided into eight (8) parts or chapters that start from the student life – where the activities along with challenges & dreams are discussed.

Next chapter is about the transition a student goes through after completing formal education, and then next part is about the job itself. Some very essential topics are discussed here in this part, for example – why a job is so much in demand in student life, students’ qualifications & preparations, rewards & challenges in job life etc. Then comes the chapter that talks about the way to write a cv & cover letter, this part also highlights the major mistakes committed by the candidates along with the solutions to those.

Job interview is a life changing experience for the job seekers & there is a required discussion on this in the subsequent part followed by the ways to secure a suitable job in the job market with the practical tips for applying each way. This book ends with a discussion on the life after getting a job with some practical case studies to enlighten the readers about the real life scenario.

All the descriptions & explanations are written from the real life situations after a thorough research & observation. The motivation is to create a space where all the necessary information & best ways to get a job will be listed that will lessen the struggle of students.

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