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Challenges Faced by Students

Challenges Faced by Students

Student life is a complete package of feelings. From study to arrange programs, to do part time jobs, to pay all the fees, to come out successful in every semester are some challenges of students.  These challenges or difficulties are a major essence of student life also. Life becomes only better & enriched when you face challenges & combat those & enjoy the victory. Among various challenges, some challenges are required to discuss.

The Key Challenges of Students 

The Key Challenges of Students in Student Life are:

1. Upgrading CGPA

In this Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) system, it is really important to maintain a good score in every exam but in reality some courses are perceived as more complex than others & maintaining a good grade becomes difficult. This is one of the major challenges of students. With one point less than others in any semester, the competitive position both in class & in the job market gets affected. Sometimes upgrading or improving it sharply is also difficult where the initial grades are low.

2. Paying the Tuition fees

Not every student comes from a financially solvent background & so paying tuition fees sometimes is a big challenge for some students. Each semester or year is like an increasing tension for accumulating money for paying fees. To overcome this challenge, students try to be involved in part time jobs or go for private tuitions for junior students so that an income is added.

3. Choosing the Major Area

Selecting the right major for study is one of the challenges of students. Many students are pre-decided about the subject to choose to study as major but there are a lot of students who are confused about it till the day of choosing. Deciding on any subject is a challenge for students because they are influenced unduly by their:

  • Peer groups
  • Society
  • Relatives &
  • Family

All of these groups of people have different opinions about choosing major areas with different reasons that make students confused.

4. Maintaining Integrity

The temptation of getting derailed in student life is high. It is one of the prominent challenges of students not to be morally & ethically derailed or getting carried away with such influence. There is a group of students in every class or campus who like to do all those stuff like bunking classes, bullying, ragging, cheating in exams & telling lies to family & misusing the money sent by them etc.  This group of students influences others to do so & thus it is a challenge to maintain one’s integrity by being someone of strong personality staying away from these temptations.

5. Getting a Suitable Job

As the student life comes to close formally or for most students after their master’s degree, the tension that crops up is about getting a suitable job or starting a business to be financially independent. This is a challenge for many & it is a great deal of added pressure or stress for those students who are the elder ones in the family who badly need to pay back to the family where the income in the family is declining.

So these are some key challenges of students that they face mainly in university level education. So the students need to be very careful about it from the very beginning. The core objective of this article is to make the students aware of these probable difficult conditions so that they can be alert & not to be affected by these challenges.

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