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Common Interview Mistakes & How to Overcome

Common Interview Mistakes & How to Overcome

To make job interview experience effective, certain factors must be considered & some mistakes must not be committed.

Sometimes mistakes happen accidentally or even after being cautious, those are out of one’s control but there are mistakes that can be avoided if special care can be taken on some elements.

Some common interview mistakes & how to overcome those are described here.

The 5 Common Interview Mistakes

There are the 5 common interview mistakes below:

1. Good Attire with Untidy Look

The interviewee gets busy & conscious with the dress to wear, cleaning it & trialing it when the first interview call is there. In the rush of prepping up for this, somehow some other things are slightly ignored which carries severe importance. For example:

  • The lack of care for fresh look
  • Improper hairdo
  • Using too intense perfume
Good Attire with Untidy Look
Good Attire with Untidy Look

These above points are the certain indicators of a candidate that increase the possibility of rejection at interviews. 

Sometimes the fresh look gets distorted staying a long time on the road, even after that a moment must be spent to get sorted & be ready with fresh energy.

2. Carrying Depressing Vibe

There are already stresses in almost everyone’s life. A candidate must be very careful about not carrying a depressing vibe. There could be reasons for being unhappy or sad or reluctant, but the time to spend in an interview is precious & it will never come back again.

So, a candidate should never be:

  • Depressing
  • In sad face
  • Indifferent
Carrying Depressing Vibe
Carrying Depressing Vibe

3. “I am sorry Sir”

If you can’t recall some answer or fail to say it right then saying sorry miserably will do no better. You must remember – it is not a crime not being able to answer every question with the perfect answer.

For a novice candidate, everything seems too serious & there is a heady feeling of being selected in the interview & so in this process if there is anything wrong or can’t be answered with the right answer, saying sorry again & again for every mistake will prove your low self-esteem. If you do not know something which you are asked about, instead of being sorry, say – “I am yet to learn it.”

4. Skipping Professional Behavior

The interviewers sitting there in the board or even if it is a one to one interview, the interviewer is the successful professional in their department of work & so they expect the candidates to be professional & to the point also while participating in the job interview session.

Skipping Professional Behavior
Skipping Professional Behavior

Some common mistakes that occur regarding not being professional are:

  • Forgetting to exchange greetings first
  • Wrong pronunciation
  • Talking in local or informal tone
  • Being bland at the end not even saying a sincere “Thank You”

5. Under Rehearsed

Sometimes the candidates just take it casually & go to participate in a job interview:

  • Without studying the company website
  • Taking things lightly & not conducting any research about the post & its duties to perform
  • Not even completing a self analysis beforehand to identify strength & weaknesses
Under Rehearsed
Under Rehearsed

A presentation in such condition will prove to be a disaster & it yields a sure shot rejection or failure in the session.

So, what could be done to overcome these mistakes?

6 Pro-tips to Overcome the Common Interview Mistakes

  1. Always research thoroughly before appearing
  2. Take good care of face & hair & overall freshness
  3. Your eyes should communicate positive vibe
  4. Show enthusiasm & enjoy the process
  5. Do not sound mechanized while speaking
  6. Ask relevant questions, if needed 


These are among some common interview mistakes & how to overcome those. So, if these things can be taken care of & proper preparation with the right mindset can be developed, a job interview might become a chance to impress a board of experienced people who are looking for smart & professional job seekers.


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