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Dreams of Students in Student Life

Dreams of Student Life

Life is enhanced by the dreams & efforts to fulfill them. Each person, no matter what the condition of living standard has a unique set of dreams & hopes. Dreams of students are also unique & different from the dreams of a housewife or a business person. So what are the dreams of students? What keeps them motivated? What are the goals set by the majority of the students? Let’s get into this by pointing out some dreams of students.

Universal Dreams of Students in Student Life 

The Universal Dreams of Students in Student Life are:

1. To be Among the Top Scorers

although not every student is of equal caliber, it is a dream of all students to make good results & reach into the group of top scorers in the class. It is a matter of pride & sheer prestige to be at the top in the field of work. Among the dreams of students, this one comes at first because; this is what a student is known for firstly.

To be Among the Top Scorers

The study might not seem that interesting to everyone but it is everyone’s dream to do so well consecutively in the exams that the result or the CGPA keeps improving & come to the bracket of top five scores.

2. To be Recognized by all Faculties

Sometimes a good score is not enough; a student wants to create an impact by being recalled or recognized by the faculty members. It gives them a high to be remembered by the faculty members for good causes. Teachers or faculties are the esteemed ones for students & being recalled or recognized by them for any task or any information is a hidden dream of students.

To be Recognized by all Faculties

3. To Lead & Monitor

Students aspire to be the leader & monitor in various class activities. Some are shy to be proactive still everybody wants to be able to lead the class in absence of the teacher or to monitor the groups of students for some functions or programs.

To Lead & Monitor

There are different kinds of programs in the educational institutions like arranging a seminar on climate change or organizing a workshop on case study analysis or for teaching corporate etiquettes & the like where students desire to participate to form groups & distribute tasks & complete these projects within time with specified budgets & parameters.

4. To be a Role Model for Juniors

Each day passed in the institute is so special for most of the students that it is a matter of sorrow & grief when they realize that it’s a few days now before they leave the university premise that has been the center of life so far. Many want to be role models for the students of upcoming batches.

To be a Role Model for Juniors

This can be by being a topper of a particular batch or by bringing any extraordinary outcome like a trophy or award for the university after taking part in any competition. It is a matter of great honor to be idolized by the juniors & other members of the university even after passing out of the university.

5. To Excel in Co-curricular Activities

Student life is all full with different arrays of events & programs like a sports tournament, annual quiz competition, photo exhibition, cultural programs, debate competition & so on. These co-curricular or extracurricular activities are the soul of any university.

To Excel in Co-curricular Activities

Classroom studies are visible to only students in the rooms but such programs are widely exhibited & promoted for students of all departments with guardians to observe & enjoy. To excel in any of the co-curricular activities is also one of the dreams of students as it has a significant impact on a student, as it:

  • Empowers a student
  • Brands a student
  • Boosts confidence &
  • Reduces all the hesitations.


These are some widespread dreams of students that keep them motivated & recharged throughout their study life. Students get to realize the beauty of dreams & also realize that it takes huge passion & hard work to fulfill these dreams.

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