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Top 5 Hidden Employment Issues

Top 5 hidden employment issues

In this world, you have to pay something to achieve something. The job life or the work life which is so lucrative & point that brings settlement in life as it brings final solvency & enhanced status & respect in the surrounding is not without its toll also.

There are certain specific employment issues or employee issues or challenges that will make some day tougher than other days. In this section, top 5 employment issues are discussed that many job holders fail to realize beforehand. This employment or employee issues are presented here so that the potential employees can form an idea about the inside picture of employment

Top 5 Employment Issues

The employment issues or employee issues are something that an employee has to experience that is something not pleasant. What are these actually, let’s explore:

1) Manipulative Colleagues

Among the first set of odd experiences, the presence of manipulative colleagues will be there. These people will be very cordial on the face but will plan all the conspiracy behind. These people are really dangerous as they will extract all the information from the new recruit & then misuse this. It is really tough to get to know the real character of people.

Manipulative Colleagues

So, to be in a risk-free position, it is advised not to share every feeling about the workplace with everyone.

2) Ad-hoc Responsibility

The new employee will try to perform every assigned task with utmost care & sincerity so that there is no scope of complaint, as it would damage the reputation.

Ad-hoc Responsibility

But sometimes there is a tendency of imposing more duties to the sincere performer as he or she does the job with great finishing but it is also a matter of good judgment that the one employee or the new employee should not be overburdened with excessive & sudden workload just because he or she does it very well without giving any scope of complaint.

3) Decreasing Job Satisfaction

Everything at the start seems fascinating in the workplace. The nature of job, the newly found independence & appreciation for care put in the work assignment. But it has other sides too. As time passes, certain things become inevitable like:

  • Getting updated with new skills
  • Learning new applications & softwares
  • Adapting with varied types of people around
  • Being in-charge of new & tricky projects
  • Performing additional tasks beyond expected ones
Decreasing Job Satisfaction

Sometimes the pressure of these things will just rise with each passing year which will take away the job satisfaction. A person’s life evolves both personally & professionally, if the waking hours are consumed mostly thinking about the official duties & future planning then family life gets hampered.

4) Corporate Politics

Sometimes, there are groups among employees with different ideologies that are conflicting with each other. Members of each group want to include the new employee to their respective group. Each group works on the same platform but the members hardly have the same vision.

Corporate Politics

The new employee finds it difficult to get adjusted to such situations & persuasion by the members. This influence of politics inside is a common employee issue in most of the cases.

5) Slow Growth of Perks

With the amount of effort exerted, pressure taken & work completed, in many sectors & organizations the amount of annual increment seems very poor. This puts off an employee.

Sometimes there is a scarcity of jobs & a suitable job is not so easy to find making job switching a touch choice. In private organizations, the salary range, perks & increments are fixed by the founder members & these rates vary in different industries & organizations.

Slow Growth of Perks

When the needs in a family increase rapidly & the increment & perks & bonuses are having very slow growth or no growth, there is a feeling of stress & insecurity that consumes a job holder.


These are some employment issues or challenges that affect the performance of a job holder. The presence of such challenges or issues are quite common in organizations across the globe, the new job holder has to be careful & must be able to read the psychology of the surrounding people to be less affected by these. A lot depends on thyself also as it is said – “people will treat you the way you want to be treated.”

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