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10 Best Ways to Find a Job for University Students and Fresh Graduates

Get a Job through the Career Office

When your graduation is about to get completed, it’s time for you to get ready to enter the job market.  Often candidates complain about less jobs or unsuitable jobs in the market. But there are jobs in various industries. You have to know the best ways to find a job. 

Job portals get priority as an option to apply for jobs but there are many other equally effective techniques or strategies. The ten best ways to find a job are narrated here with all the required tips for the convenience of job seekers.

1. Find a Job through the Career Office of the University

As a suitable job is a dream, candidates have to try all the possible options to get one. Applying through the career office of the university is a great option. There is an office that works for students to place them in different organizations, called career offices.

Most of the universities or higher educational institutions do have one such office. Have you ever thought of grabbing an opportunity by applying through this channel? Let’s discuss the way.

Career Office & Jobs

Career office executives or officials are in the prime duty to look for suitable job opportunities in the various organizations & list them so that students who match the requirements can be informed to apply. This is a regular activity along with other important tasks like grooming students & making them ready for job interviews.

Career Office & Jobs

This liaison making with several organizations goes round the year. Most of the students do know about the presence of such an office on their campus but not many get curious & proactive enough to get an orientation of its activities & their usefulness.

How Students Can Find a Job through Career Office?

This is a proactive approach. Certain steps are suggested here to get benefited from a career office.

Get Informed

Students should always get informed about the running activities. They should visit the career office & talk to the people working there to know the current opportunities available for them.

Make Liaison

Students are advised to talk to the person-in-charge of the career office. If the in-charge or director or the executive is quite convinced about the sincerity of the student then he or she will try to place the student for a suitable position.

Drop CV to Office

Students are suggested to submit a CV to the career office even if any immediate opportunity does not exist.

Drop CV to office
Drop CV to office

Introduce your Qualities

Students should make an orientation about their qualifications to the office in-charge. It is useful because if a sudden job offer (relevant to the qualities of a student) comes on short notice the career office can call & get the CV.

Be Inquisitive

In the off-time, students should visit career office just to observe the –

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Preparation for an upcoming event
  • Newsletter hung on notice board
  • Dynamic  office vibe
Be inquisitive

Participate in Programs

After observing the posters & other preparations it is suggested to participate in one of the upcoming events arranged by the career office.

Trace the Resource Person

Students should note down the name & designation with contact details of the resource persons of the programs or events.

Communicate with the Resource Person

There should be a follow-up with the resource person after the program via e-mail or any other platform suitable as it sends a notion to the resource person that the student is a sincere one with a vision.

Communicate with the resource person

Send CV to the Resource Person

With this continuous flow of communication, a CV should be sent to the resource person so that he or she can explore that when a suitable post comes up.

Be well Informed

The career office always has some opportunities for all kinds of students throughout the year.  Students should be well aware of it & must explore this possibility & grab the opportunities.

Some Pro Tips to Find a Job

  • Always keep a CV with you
  • Look for the CV collection box in any office you visit
  • Never miss a chance to connect with any resource person
  • Follow up to the organization after sending the CV
  • Whenever you meet someone regarding job purpose, project your skills
Some Pro Tips to Get Suitable Job

Obtaining a job through the support of a career office is a very significant method or way or strategy but many students miss it due to lack of orientation with this.

2. Find a Job through Established Relatives

In many cases, the established relatives who are already working in different job sectors sometimes can become a great source of the job opportunity.

Find a Job through Established Relatives

Most of us have relatives, neighbors & acquaintances who work in established positions in different job sectors. If approached properly & at the right time, they can be the source of employment or job for the job seekers.  We often go to the job portals & newspapers first to apply for jobs but established relatives are also good sources of the job opportunity. Let’s get into the details.

How Relatives can become a Source to Find a Job?

Through Casual Talk

When there is a family get-together or some dining out or any program where relatives meet & greet the obvious thing that comes to the discussion is talking about each other’s profession. So if you are still a student it’s your opportunity to listen to them & see things from their perspectives about job life. In conversation, you should try to know if they have any job opportunities going on.

Being Career Expert

As the relatives or friends or neighbors who are already in the job sector have gained experience they can act as career experts or guides for you. While talking to them, it is suggested to ask for their experience like how they thought about the job market & how it actually is. In this way, the demanding sector will be revealed for you to apply.

Collecting CV

Relatives or senior cousins or friends are the first sources to submit the CV so that they can place it to their organizations when it’s time to recruit new members. While you send them or handover them your CV, ask for their inputs also regarding ways to make it attractive.

Collecting CV

The Network

If possible, move with the job holder relative to his or her office party or program. Observe things & get oriented with the office culture & collect visiting cards of as many people as you can as all of them are doing what you are aiming to do. They are seniors & if you can present yourself to them explaining your strength, they might guide you or introduce you to someone who is looking for a fresh graduate.

Life Changing Tips

When we aim for a certain post or profession & become passionate about it, sometimes we miss a reality check. Sometimes we get attracted seeing the benefits associated with the jobs & we miss the fact that to gain those benefits, there is tremendous pressure & hard work that remain unseen to outsiders. The job holders get to see this when they belong to that industry & can inform us about it which saves a lot of time, money & energy.

Some Pro Tips to Find a Job through established relatives:

  • Do not feel shy to express the need for a job
  • Ask & get learned with their suggestions about job searching
  • Be proactive & invoke information relevant to the job market
  • Observe the changes in them before & after joining a profession
  • Follow their social media activities & whereabouts

Obtaining a suitable job is not easy but if you look for opportunities around you, there will be close & established relatives or friends or other familiar persons that can be a source of job opportunity for you in the ways discussed above.

3. Find a Job through Resource Persons

To obtain a suitable job, you should not miss any opportunity. The resource person of a society or a country is a great source of opportunity in this regard.

Traditionally we think of applying to jobs when we see the recruitment notice or job vacancy announcements. Students who complete university education get exposed to a lot of programs arranged by clubs & career offices where industry experts are made the keynote speaker or the “Resource Person”. Let’s find out more about job opportunities through resource persons of a society or a country.

Who is a Resource Person?

 A resource person is someone who is generally skilled & possesses extensive knowledge on certain issues than other persons in general. Each industry has employees who turn into veterans or more knowledgeable than others with time & diversified experience & extensive training. These people are known as resource persons.

Find a Job through Resource Persons

Activities of Resource Persons

Resource persons are known for their:

  • Contribution to a particular industry
  • Leading a generation through their thought process
  • Involvement in the knowledge dissemination process
  • Connection with mass people
  • Huge fan following for their noble & distinguished work
  • Proactive stand on their work field etc.
  • Charismatic personality

How to get a job through a Resource Person?

As resource persons are renowned employees or employers in a particular field or discipline or industry, they are known for their network of people also. Each day is full of meeting new people, going to different places, discussing various topics, conducting workshops & training; they work as the hub of joining people or connecting people to different areas of work.

It is a matter of great pleasure & achievement for a student to be able to get in touch with such a person. When they grace a session in the university or any other public place being the guest speaker, they generally carry their visiting cards & they like to be connected with the youngsters with dreams & aims.

Find a Job through Resource Persons

So, when you attend a program & get the chance of collecting their contact numbers or email addresses, just save it & start communicating with them. With such communication you will get a chance to present yourself as a suitable candidate looking for a job in your area of study.

They will be busy & will have less time to respond to you but if you are persistent & keep communicating maintaining a professional tone of writing mails, he or she will definitely respond & if your CV & your passion for any profession click with him or her, it is not a difficult thing for them to send your CV to proper channel or recruiters as they have a strong network.

Some Pro Tips to Get Suitable Job through Resource Persons:

  • While writing an email, start with reminding the event where you got the contact details.
  • Write absolutely in a professional manner.
  • Use your formal email address while sending emails.
  • Do not sound desperate for a job.
  • Be thankful for the chance of communicating with him or her.
  • After a mail or two, attach your CV & ask for his or her feedback on it.
  • After you have got the feedback, approach about the job or profession you want to get into.

Resource persons will be consumed in their extremely busy schedules of work still because they are professional, they will reply to your emails at their convenience. It depends on you to present yourself as a suitable candidate to get a job opportunity through a resource person of a society or a country.

4. Find a job Following Interviews of Entrepreneurs

Interviews of entrepreneurs are important as they share their struggle stories there. They present valuable tips for youngsters & others to get suitable jobs.

Either budding or established, entrepreneurs play a significant role in the development of the economy. They deal with production & sales & generate employment. Most often the young or new entrepreneurs get featured in the daily newspapers or magazines or invited the talk shows or in other programs. They pave the way for the youngsters. They are the inspiration & often a good source of a job opportunity. Yes, the interviews of entrepreneurs can become the scope of a job! Let’s see how!

Interview of Entrepreneurs

When the study is over & it is time to start a professional life, many opt for being an entrepreneur following their inner passion. With time & struggle when they become successful & start employing other people they become social influencers.

Find a job Following interviews of entrepreneurs

Each newspaper or magazine or journal has special issues or sections where young entrepreneurs are featured with detailed interviews. They answer various questions like –

  • How did you start?
  • Why did you become an entrepreneur?
  • What was the obstacle behind becoming an entrepreneur?
  • What is the future of entrepreneurship?
  • What would you like to suggest to fresh graduates?

These questions have a lot of scopes to learn & to get inspired from.  There are often detailed answers to these questions with long explanations of the facts.

Interviews of Entrepreneurs as a source of Job Opportunity

There are entrepreneurs in the town who have made it on their own & that’s why they want to help young people get employment. These kind-hearted entrepreneurs love to assist others to fulfill their dreams. They are the source of first-hand information about the –

  • The current condition of the job market
  • Emerging job sector
  • Declining sector
  • Most sought for qualities
  • Strategies to sustain

Such entrepreneurs who have experienced tremendous growth in recent years feel the need of recruiting people who can manage the growth of the venture & keep bringing profits. Even recruiting continuously is a regular task for many entrepreneurs. At the end of the interviews published in dailies, when asked about some tips to share for job seekers, they present some valuable insights. They discuss thoroughly the ways fresh graduates are welcomed to their enterprises.

Find a job Following interviews of entrepreneurs

They often hint that they are looking for talented people & they are ready to take them a big chance if they can show genuineness & passion to shine in the profession.

These interviews are life-changing as the students get to learn all those things at an earlier stage, without fighting the battle that the entrepreneurs did. By mailing CVs to these entrepreneurs, students can hope to create a liaison with the entrepreneurs & then can ask for a suitable job. The entrepreneur generally has a good connection & a wide network with a huge number of people. So if the entrepreneur can be convinced about your merit & desire, they will try to place you in any organization.

Some Pro Tips to Get Suitable Job through Entrepreneurs

  • Students need to identify their field of passion first.
  • Search for the entrepreneurs over social media or newspapers
  • Start writing emails referring to the interview that made you contact the entrepreneur.
  • Students or job seekers need to be receptive to the stories shared by entrepreneurs in the communication process.

This is how the interviews of entrepreneurs are useful for job seekers & act as a source of the job opportunity.

5. Applying to Welcoming International Organizations to Find a Job

Welcoming international organizations are those who work worldwide & for that matter, they welcome talented people from different parts of the world.

In this era of globalization, talent flows seamlessly among countries. If someone from a different country is qualified & ready enough to apply for a post & continue the job, then recruiters today have no qualms selecting them. There are many international organizations especially NGOs that welcome fresh or experienced talents from any part of the world if the candidate is ready to adapt to the organization’s rules. So, welcoming international organizations are a great source of job opportunities too in this regard.

International Organizations & job Opportunity

There are lots of international organizations, companies, or firms that operate on a global scale in different parts of the world. Among various reasons, the core motives for expanding globally are to–

  • Diversify the product offerings
  • Lower the production cost
  • Ensure a variety of talents
  • Secure the flow of profit
  • Increase public acceptance &
  • Enhance sustainability etc.
Applying to welcoming international organizations to Find a Job

Some parts of this world are more production work-friendly than others. For example, Bangladesh boasts of supplying ready-made garment products to different countries of the world. UK, USA & European countries get the production of such products through less developed countries as labor cost is relatively low here.

How it Works?

To supervise the business functions & direct it, people are needed with cross-cultural orientation for international organizations. There are many NGOs who work to better the living conditions of deprived people where this work is not limited to any geographic border. Such activities demand talents with a ‘ready to go’ attitude to any part of the world.

Who should Apply?

There are students who love to take challenges & eager to explore different countries & cultures. Some students love to get exposed to different environments so that they can enrich their learning. Some other types of students are there who love adventure & feel passionate about working in foreign countries. Learning new languages & coping with new cultures make them motivated. If you also have such characteristics & passion, jobs at international NGOs are for you.

How to Apply

The students who like to work in the different set-up are advised to look for such organizations, be it commercial or NGO & visit their career options on their websites. Then if any suitable post is available, a mail should be sent to the given address expressing the desire & qualification for the job.

Applying to welcoming international organizations to Find a Job

To work in another country, if you get selected primarily, there will be a question to answer – “Why do you want to work outside your country?” The answer to this question should be organized & prepared diligently so that it clicks with the recruiter. Basically, they want to see if you are just interested to visit a new country or actually passionate to work in a different setup or culture.

Choose Organizations Carefully

Although there are various types of organizations & their offices around us, still it is advised to choose organizations carefully & not just visit any office randomly. Some selection criteria should be –

  • Reputed & popular among mass people
  • Got good career growth
  • Well-known for healthy organizational culture
  • Trendy &
  • Scope to work in the area you had studied

It is advised to survey the organizations before visiting. This will make you confident which will show while you talk to the officials in the offices. They will also get to know that you have just not randomly come & you have studied about their business & operations before taking this step.

Some Pro Tips to Get a Job through International Organizations

Students who aim to work in other countries, are suggested to –

  • Increase their orientation with global culture & environment
  • Work with foreigners where possible through club activities
  • Make foreign friends through social networking sites
  • Read regularly about the international business scenario
  • Watch vlogs of international students & employees
  • Prepare some records of voluntary works with foreigners

International organizations are sources of jobs which are there but not many of us are aware of it. So, the students according to their study disciplines can contact welcoming international organizations to apply for suitable jobs. The websites & career options of those organizations work as the source of information.

6. Attending Job Fair to Find a Job

The job fair is a regular activity on university campuses & in different convention centers. Recruiters collect CVs from interested students to fill vacancies.

Job fair which is also referred to as a career fair is generally held at the university campuses. It is a great event & wonderful scope for job-seeking students as there are lots of recruiters & headhunters to choose the right candidate among all. This event is carried out so that students can get exposed to a glimpse of the corporate world & get prepared to make an entry.

What is Job Fair?

 A job fair or a career fair is an event where organizations from various industries participate by opening a temporary booth or stall with a CV collection box to collect & store for future use. Sometimes there is an instant screening process as well.

Attending job fair to find a Job

Participating organizations have different types of needs. Some organizations have an immediate demand for manpower & so they arrange walk-in interview sessions in the job fair. Other organizations are there who do not need immediate recruitment but they do need people in the coming days, they take the CV & shortlisted candidates are called later on.

Why a Job Fair?

A job fair is needed because at the end of the student life, university students need to see & feel a corporate vibe. Personally, it is possible to submit a CV to organizations, but a job fair brings the impeccable chance to submit it to a whole lot of organizations. It makes students –

  • Oriented with different types of organizations
  • Knowledgeable about various job posts
  • Aware of corporate rules & policies
  • Prepared to join professional life
  • Aware of competitive scenario as well

For such benefits, a job fair is arranged where students get larger & better idea about upcoming professional life by seeing the –

  • Stalls of various companies
  • Representatives of the companies
  • Banners, posters & flyers of the event
  • The corporate vibe &
  • Media coverage of the event

How to Find a Jobs through the Job fair?

As job fairs are tailor-made programs for job-seeking students, it is advised to keep updated CV & make sufficient copies of it to submit to all the stalls where job posts & qualifications required match.

A job fair is really useful because here you get to talk to the people from the recruiting organizations. You can actually listen to their needs & specifications. You know what is actually required by them & you can get prepared accordingly.

Attending job fair to find a Job

While submitting a CV you can ask for other relevant information as well like – what could be the probable day of an interview of shortlisted candidates, what might be the criteria to do well in a job interview, what kind of skills they are looking for etc.

Another benefit of job fairs is you can collect visiting cards of the officers or executives that represent recruiting organizations so that you can keep up with them. Such contact details enable you to make further communication.

Pro tips to get Job through Job Fair

Job seeking students must –

  • Prepare CV with current activities & achievements
  • Look for job fairs in the city in different places
  • Maintain professional look while submitting a CV
  • Look around the stalls first &
  • Customize CV or cover letter before dropping CV

So, for internships or jobs, students should make the best use of the job fair as it offers huge scope for employment.

7. Mailing to the HR Office of different Organizations

An email to the HR office or HRM department of an organization plays an important role to get a job. It makes HR persons aware of the enthusiastic candidate.

Although more people today communicate via social media still the importance of email remains unchanged & for professional purposes, an email is a must-go for option. The Human Resource Management (HRM) department of an organization that is responsible for recruitment & selection of manpower, has to rely heavily on email to shortlist candidates from the mails (attaching CV) received. An email to the HR office from a candidate being proactive creates a possibility of employment.

The Human Resource Management (HRM) Department

The Human Resource Management (HRM) or simply known as the HR (Human Resource) department is the hub of an organization that is responsible for recruiting & selecting employees. It is one of the sophisticated departments of any organization as it controls the entry & exit of manpower along with maintaining its demand & supply.

Mailing to HR office of different organizations

Whenever someone wants to drop a CV or wants to get employed, it’s the HR department that has to be knocked at for the news of upcoming recruitment or availability of a job post. The HR director or manager along with HR executives performs this task of managing human resources within the organizations.

Email to the HR office

For the employees working inside an organization, email is a primary method of communication. For official purposes, email is the only valid medium of task distribution for many organizations around the world. There are certain employment-related issues like –

  • Leave policy
  • Recording attendance
  • Upcoming promotion
  • Performance evaluation
  • Increment
  • Training &
  • Submission of any office forms

The HR department is always busy disseminating such information & updating files of employees. The HR department is just an email away for the incumbents. Sometimes there is a long gap in face-to-face communication but employees of all departments are still connected to each other especially with the HR office through email.

A Sample of an Email to the HR Office

As email is the regular method of communication of tasks in the HR department, job seekers are advised to send emails to the HR office of the organizations they want to work in. writing a mail to the HR office is not going to offer a job instantly but it will –

  • Increase your network
  • Make your presence felt
  • Ensure a future scope of the job
  • Create a positive impression about yourself &
  • Make you confident

Sometimes there is ad-hoc recruitment or scope of employment, an email from a suitable candidate may just click with the organization & they may call for an interview. A sample of the email to the HR office by a student who completed BBA in Marketing is shown here –

Dear concern, 

I truly wish this email finds you in good health. I am Anas Azhar Rumi, just completed my BBA with a major in Marketing from Eastern University. Marketing being my passion, I want to establish my career in this sector. Have always been fascinated by the tremendous job your organization is doing. It would be a dream coming true if I get to work with this organization. Here I attached my updated CV. 

If there is any scope of the suitable entry-level job that matches my qualification, I would be more than happy to be able to avail it. It will be my absolute pleasure & honor to meet you at your convenience in this regard. 

Thank You so much. 

Anas Azhar Rumi
BBA (Major in Marketing)
Eastern University
Contact details: 

Impact of Email to get a Job

When there is scope of employment & organizations are looking for CVs of promising candidates via emails, a sudden well written email with a complete CV or resume increases the chance of getting shortlisted. If such emails are written & sent to different organizations where candidates want to work, it will definitely create a positive image about the job seeker.

Mailing to HR office of different organizations

Pro Tips to get a Job through Email to HR

To obtain a suitable job by mailing to the HR office, certain rules are to be followed. They are:-

  • Studying the company website beforehand.
  • Looking for ways to fit into the organization.
  • Writing short yet complete messages in email.
  • Attaching updated & professional CV.
  • Not sounding like a general message.
  • Expressing interest to meet & talk about your desire to work.
  • Thanking the authority for their time to read & reply.

An email to the HR office actually works. Even if there is no current opportunity, continuous or occasional communication with the HR office creates a chance of potential job opportunity sure as with the email messages, the HR office gets an idea about the desire & enthusiasm of a proactive job seeker.

8. Applying through all types of Job Portals

Job portals are the websites, social media pages & applications that have made the life of job seekers easier by connecting them to numerous job providers.

Job portals are the most used media for applying for jobs around the world. These sites, pages & applications are the hubs that contain a huge number of jobs classified in all kinds of categories like – for students of business, science & arts.  Each day thousands of job seekers log in to these sites & apply for the jobs that match their credentials. Let’s see how to make the best use of it to get a good job.

How to Make the Best use of Job Portals?

As job portals are becoming popular & increasing in number & reach, job seekers must know how to apply through it & bring the best result out of it. Some tips are suggested here:

Applying through all types of job portals

Make a List of Job Portals

First, candidates need to make a complete list of job portals available & active in their countries. There are lots of such websites but not all are equally active. So, the first thing is to make a list of all the available job portals. Some are popular sites & some will be popular social media pages or groups or both.

Categorize the Portals

After listing it in your daily notepad or diary, categorize it based on the vastness of content & frequency of updating. Some job sites or pages are there with a higher number of members or subscribers but eventually do not get updated frequently making it stalled. Few portals will always be updating & posting new jobs & a variety of jobs for every kind of applicant like a senior, junior, fresher or experienced, etc.

Create an Account

The next thing is to create an account or sign up to the sites fulfilling all the requirements. It may take hours still not a single step should be skipped.  While creating an account the following issues should be considered:

  • Writing formal name in caps lock (if needed).
  • Attaching a formal passport size picture or in the size specified.
  • Using formal & error-free English.
  • Providing adequate information about training & workshops. (This creates the importance of participating in extracurricular activities in student life.)
  • Updating the account whenever there is some skill development.

Look into the Hot Jobs

The sites will have home pages that contain a lot of jobs mostly titled hot jobs. Candidates are suggested to look through this carefully with inquisitive eyes. There will be jobs that will match your credentials to every point but if you scroll down in a hurry you will just miss that one job among hundreds of other jobs.

Visit the Categories

After looking into the hot jobs, candidates are suggested to visit the categories of jobs that match their study discipline. There are categories relating to major areas of study of all kinds. Apart from it, there are other sections of jobs that cater to all enthusiastic people who can carry it out where no prior study on the subject matter is required. For example – event management or content creating are such jobs where enthusiastic people can apply where skill & passion is required.

Applying through all types of job portals

Observe the Breakthroughs

Now, days are gone where jobs mean only corporate or typical jobs where an employee is bound to come to office maintaining certain dress-code, work for 8 hours minimum get a salary at the end of the month, etc. today the job market has variety like there are –

  • Many part-time jobs along with full-time ones
  • Contractual hiring
  • Work from home opportunities
  • Project-based working & remuneration
  • Opportunities for foreigners, tribal & for people with a physical disability
  • Outsourcing agencies

Candidates must try to take advantage of these new breakthroughs in the job market.

How to Apply Online?

The job portals got the feature to apply online through the account opened there. There are also contact details in each job notice of different companies. A candidate should be careful while using these two options. If you choose to apply through the account in the portal then it is advised not to apply for the same job via the mail address provided.

Job portals are of great help if can be explored & utilized properly. Varieties of jobs are there, candidates need to skim through it & select the ones that fit in with their qualities.

9. Find a Job through Teachers

Jobs through teachers are great opportunities for students as teachers are connected with different organizations, people & knowledge centers.

Find a Job through teachers

Teachers or faculty members are the ones that have to deal with students which keep changing every year. The students, who pass successfully, get involved in the job market & gradually become the sources of jobs for younger students & teachers play the role of connecting them.  This is how jobs through teachers are available where teachers play the role of placing the CV or resume of a prospective candidate to probable recruiters.

Job of a Teacher

A teacher’s job is not limited to classrooms only. Today a teacher has to work for the students & themselves round the clock around the year. There is no time limit for the magnitude of service provided by a teacher. Apart from conducting classes, a summary of other things that a teacher performs include –

  • Conducts academic research.
  • Encourages students to participate in extra-curricular tasks.
  • Directs club & extra-curricular programs.
  • Maintains liaison with the job market for students.
  • Arranging grooming sessions for students.
  • Connecting with resource persons.
  • Attending conferences & seminars.
  • Keeping continuous connection with passing out students &
  • Counseling students’ problems sometimes beyond academic problems, etc.

Teacher as a Connecting Point

While a teacher has to communicate with different groups of students & as the senior students in touch are already consumed by the job market, teachers are wonderful sources of job opportunities.  A teacher’s duty is never complete even when a student completes education.  A student faces a big change in life when entering into a job or professional life. At that time it is his or her teacher who comes to the mind to seek advice & assistance. A teacher plays the role of a guide for a new recruit in the following ways –

  • Being the confidant.
  • Showing dos & don’ts.
  • Helping prepare the joining letter.
  • Guiding to lead a project &
  • Preparing a proposal for any event, etc.

In doing all these, a teacher gets aware of the trends of the job market. Such knowledge is extremely important for the new students.

Apart from this, to complete research, a teacher has to make contacts with various organizations for collecting information by which a teacher becomes networked with a lot of business houses or companies.

How to get Jobs through Teachers?

Teachers will generally get consumed in their duties but the job-seeking students have to maintain or make a connection with the teachers. As teachers are connected with so many people at one particular time, this connection or network ensures news of vacancies for suitable candidates.

When a job holder student in close connection with a teacher finds a scope of employment in his or her organization, he or she informs it first to that teacher.  Then the teacher shares this news to social media pages or private chat groups or to the prospective job-seeking students. After getting this news, further processes take place like submitting a CV & getting prepared for an interview.

Find a Job through teachers

If a student proactively knocks the teachers & communicates the need for a job, the teacher will share this with the other job holder students or alumni of the university or institution. Apart from this network of job holder students, a teacher can place the CV to other sources or places of his or her contacts. This is how a suitable job is possible through teachers. Teachers know about the qualifications & shortcomings of students, so a job through the recommendation of a teacher is often a good option as the conditions of students are considered here.

Jobs through teachers are teachers’ consideration & recommendation for a particular student for a post. In this competitive world, where getting a suitable job is quite difficult, it becomes easy if you keep a sincere connection with your teachers to know about any upcoming recruitment from their sources.

10. Visiting Office to Drop CV

Visiting the office to drop CVs is a proactive way to get a suitable job. There are plentiful offices around commercial areas & all of them need people.

Offices around our locality just increase with time. This ensures the supply of human resources, that is to say, an increase of more jobs. A student who needs a job has to be smart enough to identify all the available options to apply for job posts. Visiting the office to drop your CV is one such option. How it works, let’s get into the details:

Presence of Offices in Locality

Today, with the growth of startups & outsourcing organizations’ presence & activities, jobs are just increasing. The effect of globalization is also responsible for it. This era is the best time for a job seeker to get employed or consumed in the job market. Today in many countries, there are offices found even in the residential areas. With such proximity to employment houses, students can easily take advantage of it.

Visiting office to drop CV

How to get a Job by Visiting Offices?

How to get a job by visiting various offices are described here:

Keep Copies of CV

Job-seeking students are advised to keep a lot of copies of their updated CV with them so that it can be dropped to organizations or any person in any given moment. Sometimes there are sudden meetings with people or visit to an office, carrying a CV enables you to drop it there.

Talk to the Receptionist

When you visit an office, do not feel embarrassed or unprepared to approach the receptionist. Be confident & say that you want to drop your CV for any suitable post. It is better to show interest to meet someone from the HR department as those employees are well aware of any future recruitment process or scope.

Be Strong to Face Rejection

No matter how noble your intention is, still, if there is no need for current recruitment, offices will not be willing to accept your CV. you have to be strong enough to accept that situation. In that tough time, tell yourself – “It’s your need & so you should not be upset with this rather should try in another place.”

Focus on Persuasive Skill

Increase your practice of persuasion to the officials or the receptionist to drop a CV. If possible, talk to some executives in the office premises about your purpose. Sometimes, there are needs of new recruitment & one such presence of an enthusiastic candidate might be the right thing for the organization.

Visiting office to drop CV

Book an Appointment

If you fail to meet & talk to some senior employee or someone from the HR department, on your sudden visiting day, try to fix an appointment to meet the head of the HR department at their convenience. This will prove your professionalism & show your seriousness as a candidate. Most job seekers won’t even think of being this proactive & so this is your chance to show your desire & passion for a certain profession.

Prove yourself

The day you will get a chance to meet a headhunter or recruiter or someone from the HR department, utilize it fully. Some tips for you –

  • Get a formal wear
  • Maintain a tidy look
  • Talk formally
  • Take your CV both in hard & soft copy
  • Express your willingness to work in that organization
  • Focus on your skills that are required for job life

In short, this informal meeting is a sort of first round of job interviews for you & so you need to be very well prepared. If they like you initially, they will call you for another round & they just might offer you a job if you fit into their criteria. Your professionalism & qualities will add value in this regard.

Visiting the office to drop CV is thus helpful as it is an uncommon & highly proactive technique; the recruiters get to remember you & your effort. Even if there is no job vacancy or you don’t get selected, still there is no loss or nothing to feel bad about because your network just gets bigger & effective when you have the contact details of the recruiters of an organization. it might not work today, but if you keep a sincere communication & update your skills, this connection will definitely work for you tomorrow.


So, for a fresh graduate or for someone with experience, doing a job that taps the potentiality makes life meaningful. Jobs are there, recruiters are looking for the right candidates. It is just the job seekers have to know the best ways to find a job that will bring the best from them.


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