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Good Qualities For A Job: Preparation For Job Interview

good qualities for a job

Good qualities for a job are those features that a candidate has to acquire throughout his or her student as well as personal & family life. When students are all yearning for jobs, it is also needed to know their condition of qualities or existing skill levels to know if they have the skills that are sought for in the job market.

The List Of Good Qualities For A Job

Let’s see some most wanted qualities required for a job in the personalities of candidates or job seekers.

a) Well Researched About The Job

the first quality required for obtaining a job is an optimum knowledge about the post applied for in the chosen organization. Recruiters expect that candidates will come well prepared & well researched about the post they have applied for. The expected qualities from this well research & preparedness include knowing the –

  • Expected activities to perform
  • Driving forces for change in industry
  • Probable challenges to face
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Strategies to grow in an industry

b) Fresh Energy

The pool of applied candidates is assumed as the source of fresh energy. The young fellows should have the freshness in thinking & a bustling enthusiasm in their eyes. This energy includes both physical & mental liveliness. Generally, with time the senior employees become more involved in work-family balance & with increasing responsibilities & so the spark of enthusiasm goes latent in them.

c) Right Perspective

Job seekers should have proper judgment about things happening around them. They should know about –

  • How an organization performs
  • How the job of an individual complements the organizations’ objectives
  • The rule of fixing the salary
  • The implied prerequisites to do the job
  • The challenges & rewards of job life

d) Obedience

The job seekers at that young stage of life are expected to be obedient. The obedience to the organization’s rules & systems & to the head of department is a good quality that creates a better image & possibility. The good student in a candidate lingers that makes an obedient employee. This obedience should not be misunderstood with flattery. It is expected to be obedient with curiosity also to ask questions if not convinced on any issue.

e) Dedication

Dedicated employees are the assets for any organization. The candidates to be interviewed or employees joined newly are expected to be there in the job physically, mentally & emotionally. Today, it goes without saying that employees need to be self dependent for motivation & completion of tasks. Now, it is tough to find a boss with free time to start a pep talk with employees to encourage them for continuation of work. Employees themselves need to find ways to work smoothly even in tough times. This is expected & rewarded. This is self motivation which is also called dedication.

f) Analytical Mind

Sometimes, there will be meetings in the office on an ad-hoc basis, sometimes the employees need to work beyond their job description. Sometimes employees are asked questions or told to share their views regarding the current situation. This necessitates employees to have solid ideas about things going on around the workplace or industry or country or any issue that is making a buzz in the society. So –

  • Why an issue is making news
  • Factors behind it
  • With probable repercussions

are something the employees or the job seekers must know about. The job interview has a segment where such questions are asked.

g) Proactiveness

Recruiters or heads of the departments want candidates with a positive attitude & equipped to work for the greater goal of the organization. People in an organization love young employees or job seekers in the interview to be proactive on issues. The positive mindset or attitude of candidates create a favorable image that helps to sustain in job life.

h) Tech-savvy

Today, the job or business can’t sustain a minute without technology. Sometimes the older employees will expect the junior employees to teach them the upgraded versions of existing software or to introduce a new application. The use of such an application today saves huge money. So the job seekers are advised to be aware of the software run in the organizations that they are interested to apply in.

i) Versatility

Sometimes, the work is so erratic that a finance person has to work as a graphics designer or a marketing fellow needs to work as an accountant in absence of designated employees in the office for a short period of time, it might be for a short time still, can’t be avoided. So, being able to perform more than one core activity is a good quality for jobs today.

j) Eloquence

Sometimes, talented employees fail to make a mark in absence of a good speaking capability. Yes, the art of speaking really helps & saves. In the office life, there will be some angry customers or other stakeholders with the query on any issue for which an employee is needed who can be an empathetic listener & a speaker at the same time. The quality of being an eloquent speaker will always add an extra advantage.

k) Quick Fixer or Problem Solver

Job seekers or employees are required to be fixers to problems or glitches. Now, it is a very competitive world. People are expected to know more than their formal education. There will be problems in daily life, some problems will be expected & some will be unexpected, there could be a machine breakdown suddenly, there could be a shortage of material, and there could be conflict among some groups of people in the organization. It is an added advantage to be a quick fixer in such situations, being able to foray into something that many people will like to stay out from.

l) Professionalism

When you choose a profession consciously, you need to be ready to perform all the tasks necessary & getting updated for that. Complaining on the difficulty or challenges about the profession won’t help. So it is advised or suggested to think twice before choosing any profession & its future demand. People love those who have solid knowledge about the working process of a particular profession as it makes them confident.  

m) Emotional intelligence

It is our emotion that makes us special as human beings. But we are also supposed to make optimum & controlled use of this emotion. This is called emotional intelligence & it is required to separate the personal feelings from any action taken in the workplace. For example, if someone is laid off from the job or terminated for violating some rule, one can’t feel grief over it the whole long day at the office & post on social media being drained of emotion. It is to be understood that this is an official decision taken after a lot of meetings & negotiations so no matter how much I have liked that employee, I should not make a hue & cry about this in office. The office or organization is a place run on principles & performances, there is hardly any room for personal bonding. The bond we create is like a byproduct of our work life. This understanding is among the very good qualities needed for a job.

n) Sense of Timing

sense of timing is highly valued in the workplace. If office is to start from 9 am sharp, it is mandatory to be present within that time. . If a meeting is to be started, or a seminar or a conference is to kick start at 3 pm, it is required to be there even before that time. When top management arrives on such occasions they take notes on this timeliness of employees, so the students are requested to adopt this tendency of showing up to place at the exact time.

o) Being A People’s Person

Among the good qualities for a job, another one is being a people-oriented person. You may be an expert in operating machines or devising work procedures or managing accounts but if you fail to be a people’s person, you are missing out on a lot of things. The ability to gel with people working in different departments coming from different backgrounds is a prominent quality today. People are sources of information. So, no matter what the study background, students need to be pro at mixing with people from every corner as they are potential sources of new ideas. It helps them to form the qualities of a  leader gradually.

p) Physical & Mental Fitness

Today, the job life requires to deal with stress & extra hours with heavy engagement both online & offline. There will be times when the work pressure will require continuing work round the clock, staying additional hours at the office to complete some projects. This thing will require employees to be fit both physically & mentally enough to go through this without complaining. Along with this, a job holder needs to be presentable in terms of attire, sense of styling that suits one’s personality.

These are some among the list of good qualities for a job. Job seekers who will be employees in future need to have a positive attitude & achievement motivation to excel in job life. The qualities are not limited to only getting a job or being chosen over hundreds of others, job seekers must be equipped with these attributes or characteristics to be able to sustain for a long time in an organization in this competitive world.

Bad Qualities

There are some other set of damaging qualities that will affect negatively in obtaining a job, like being –

  • Unaware of the organization & job post to apply for
  • Lethargic
  • Away from updated news of industry
  • Unheard of latest technological developments impacting workplace
  • Confused while answering any question
  • Late to arrive at important meetings 

So, students today are humbly requested to foster a personality & nurture qualities that will be helping them to be a part of any organization as well as to sustain themselves with an edge.

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