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Applying for a job is the next mission after completing graduation for a good number of students around the world.

The most important tool to use is a CV & a CV is carried or comprehended by a letter, which is called a cover letter. So, for the job seeking students or fresh graduates, knowing how to write a cover letter for a job is itself a qualification.

Why so? Why is a cover letter used? How is it prepared? Let’s get into the details here:


A cover letter is a message written in the form of a letter that comprehends the purpose of sending or attaching a CV to appropriate authority while applying for a job.

So the characteristics of a cover letter are:

  • It is a formal document
  • Prepared & attached before CV for particular job post
  • Acknowledges the attachment of CV along with it
  • Explains the eligibility of a candidate for the post applied for
  • Represents a candidate & his or her credentials
  • The message of this letter changes with the change in job post


A cover letter is an instrument or document that validates an application for any job. It is used to:

  • Complete the job application process
  • Highlight the key facts & qualifications
  • Convince the recruiter about the potentiality of the candidate
  • Explain why a candidate is the suitable one for the job applied to


The contents of a cover letter are:

  • The address of the receiver
  • The salutation
  • Subject line
  • The core part:
    • Introduction
    • Presenting source of the job notice
    • Explanation of the potentiality of candidate
    • Description of the match between qualities sought for & the qualities of the candidate
    •  Expressing a desire to meet for the next step of the recruitment process
  • The closing message notifying the attachment of other documents


It is a great quality to know – how to write cover letter for job. Gradually we just like to copy what is written in other’s one but with time, we realize that this is something that has to carry an individual flavor & certain rules to follow.

This section will enlighten the rules or considerations to write a cover letter for applying for a job.

The margin

The page should have proper margin in all the four sides keeping some space blank.


The correct mailing address of the receiver has to be put here followed by a formal salutation.

Proper subject line

The subject line should be bold & to the point, for example – “Application for the post of HR executive”

Art of introduction

The main part of the message of a cover letter should start with an introduction mentioning name, current job position & duration of the work with the name of organization along with the date or source of the job notice. In case of a fresher, it should be the name, last degree achieved along with major area & result.

The justification

After the introduction, the next paragraph should be about applying for the intended post & how you think you are a suitable candidate for the post for having the qualities inside which are sought for.

There should be at best 3 to 4 lines regarding this where the first line must mention the qualities that make the candidate distinguished & the best fit for the job.

For example, if the post is HR executive, the justification can be like –“cracking human psychology & bringing out the best from them is what I enjoy most doing & so I strongly believe that I will do justice to the post if given a chance. ”

The Closing

After explaining the qualities & desire to work the last paragraph should express an expectation to meet for an interview or a written test or the next step of the recruitment process at the convenience of the recruiter.

There should also be a line at the end where an assurance will exist that how you will work with full dedication & professionalism if you are selected for the job. This has to end with the identification of candidate, the name & signature.

As a cover letter is preceded by a CV mainly, there should be note at the end of the fact that CV & other documents are attached along with this cover letter.


  • The message should be clear & sound organic.
  • Unnecessary or irrelevant information should be avoided.
  • Each post has unique work to perform, so the message of a cover letter should change with the change in post applied for.
  • The main point is to communicate the fact that you are a perfect match for the job & this message should be put there precisely.

Most of the time, it is the cover letter & CV that speak on behalf of the person (job seeker) & job providers make the initial judgment from it.

So, it is imperative to know how to write cover letter for job for the students who will be applying for jobs soon.

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