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Job vs Business – Which One To Choose?

Job vs. Business – what to choose?

As people come from different backgrounds, many of them possess something that others lack in. After graduation, everyone faces a question by themselves. “Job vs Business”- which one should be chosen ?? Some students observe family business & the related activities on a daily basis where others grow up in a background where parents or guardians earn to look after the family by doing jobs.

This family condition plays a prime role initially for the students in forming career aspirations, although with time, this dream or desire also changes with peer pressure or environmental changes. So, how to deal with the job vs. business decision? Let’s get into details:

Job vs Business – Which One To Choose?

Choosing job is beneficial over business as the starting of professional life, because it is:

a)  Less Risky

To be true, a job is less risky than starting a business because, in business, it is quite uncertain at the initial days to earn profit as it needs a considerable amount of time to make an orientation among the target market. In a job, on the other hand, you get paid for what you do. So even if a job pays less, still, it is a secured flow of money at the end of a period which could be a week or month.

Job vs Business
Less Risky

b)  Center of Cost Free Learning

A job in a structured organization offers plenty of scope to learn new things everyday. You can learn the operating process, professional behavior, official language, corporate decorum, problem solving & so on. Office life gives first-class chances to learn from other peoples’ mistakes too. All these learning come without paying any fees!

We see the effect of wrong decisions & strategy & learn from mistakes but if this was in the case of somebody’s own business, there would be financial loss attached with every mistake & faulty decision. Being the owner you would have to pay for the losses but in the job, you are an employee & not the employer, so you are not held financially liable for the company’s wrong decision.

Center of Cost Free Learning
Center of Cost Free Learning

c)  Hub of Network

In an office, you are a part of a department which is a part of a company that has several other departments with a set of employees performing different functions. In inter-departmental meetings or in lunch breaks or in-office canteen people from all departments come, chat & share ideas about their experiences, dreams & realities. By talking to them regularly you get to know different kinds of employees with different visions which broaden your own vision eventually.

In the initial days of the business, it is quite exhausting to start a venture if there is no other business partner or helping hand, so in case of a small startup by a fresh graduate, it needs time to expand to bring in lots of employees to create & facilitate the network. The more networked you are, the more opportunities you are exposed to & a job in a reputed organization offers this chance to expand the network.

Hub of Network
Hub of Network

d)  Confidence Booster

Sometimes, there is a strong desire to start a business after completing education. But things might not fall into places according to the dream. There might be difficulty in –

  • Accumulating fund
  • Bringing right people
  • Forming diverse teams &
  • Connecting with suppliers or distributors

So, after facing these shortcomings, a student might be compelled to choose a job over his or her dream of becoming an entrepreneur temporarily, but after continuing with job, with passage of time & experience the learning could be that the decision to let go of the dream to start a business had been a good decision because continuing a business requires more than what was perceived & dreamt of.

Confidence Booster
Confidence Booster

It needs a big amount of contingency fund to tackle emergency which could be quite difficult & overall, it needs patience to be successful as a business person which may be missing in the student or, the learning could be opposite – the student might realize that she or he is actually made for being an entrepreneur, this job life is not suiting her or his personality bringing depression. So, what was the initial dream is now a confident decision to go for starting a business quitting job.


These are some ways through which candidates or graduates can clarify the confusion regarding job vs business decisions.

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