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40 Best Online Jobs for Moms with Babies: Stay at Home

Jobs for mom

Motherhood is a blessing for sure. Life moves on at its own pace & the need to make some additional money also rises. If somebody searches & analyses the job options over the internet, there will be a lot of options for different kinds of job seekers. As it is tough for mothers to go out & work keeping kids home alone, there are some best jobs for moms with babies available online. Let’s see those jobs for mom.

40 Best Online Jobs for Moms with Babies

The following jobs are like the best jobs for stay at home for moms without investment & no experience. These jobs are offered & carried out digitally. 40 options are presented here:

1. Catering Service Provider

There are many restaurants & cafes & home-made food providers that hire cooks on contract. Moms who love to cook & experiment different cuisines are most suited for this job. People with passion for this cooking will find it worth spending time for. It won’t even seem like a job as they will work on their field of passion.

Best Jobs for Moms with Babies

How to get this job: mothers with love & skills at cooking need to contact the restaurant owner & different catering service houses if they need someone immediately. Online job portals & social media groups for vacancy announcements also post these notices.

2. Blogger

Writing comes naturally for some people. There are organizations that look for such people. The job is to write narration or description or ideas regarding certain topics. This is one of the best work from home jobs for moms with no experience.

How to get this job: moms with good command over writing or presenting a thought are suggested to search for organizations (national or international) that publish write-ups on topics that match their liking or preference. Then a CV should be sent along with a cover letter expressing the desire to be a blogger.  Apart from this, there are also official announcements in different portals.

3. Vlogger

There are organizations that want regular vlogs on topics like – motherhood, lifestyle, childcare, nutrition & the like. Mothers who are good at making videos with smart presentations can apply to those organizations. These jobs are fun & cost nothing but yield a lot.

How to get this job: good vloggers are always on demand. They need to connect with various streaming platforms about vacancy. There are also recruitment notices for this post.

4. Content writer

This is one of the most sophisticated & high on demand jobs for stay at home moms. There are plethoras of websites that need to be filled with contents. Content is the key today. Websites need to publish related & important write-ups everyday so that people around the world can reach out.

How to get this job: there are vacancy notices for content writers everywhere in the social media platforms. There are job sections in the social media sites. Just search typing content writer & you will find a lot of jobs with different topics & requirements.

5. Life coach

This is a wonderful job for those moms who have struggled in their lives to reach a position. This is about to become someone who can be the mentor to others in achieving skills. Moms with great insights & patience are best suited for this job. All it requires is a laptop or your smart phone along with internet connection.

How to get this job: to get this job, the job sites have to be observed regularly. The interested moms can also talk to the skill grooming academies or institutions.

6. Counselor

Counseling is another appropriate job for moms at home. Organizations that deal with customer queries need a good listener & speaker. Counseling for higher education or for patients with uncommon diseases is a demanding job worldwide.


How to get this job: moms with great fascination towards heartfelt conversation & solving peoples’ problems are the best candidates. They can knock the agencies that work for the higher education of students. Palliative care centers need counselors who can work for their patients.

7. Motivational Speaker

This is one of the best online jobs for stay at home moms without investment. The job of a motivational speaker is to enlighten an environment where some people come together to accomplish a task. This is to motivate people to do things that they need to. It’s about giving courage to people so that they can work without confusion & fear of failure.

How to get this job: there are circulars for motivational speakers. Facebook, LinkedIn & other social networking sites share these job posts so one needs to have a sharp eye for that to apply.

8. Graphics Designer

Today, graphics designing is on huge demand. This is not a specialized skill rather with the growth of different apps & tutorials available on the internet, people with creative minds are learning this & applying this knowledge to earn money. Stay at home moms can be a part of it too.

How to get this job: there are a lot of IT firms today. Their operations are just increasing as more & more people are expanding their business online. IT firms offer this support to other entrepreneurs. Moms with skill at designing & making brochures, cover pictures, posters & banners may apply to the IT firms when they need.

9. Online Tutor

Mom is the first teacher that anybody can experience. Some moms just love to spend time teaching & explaining things to the kids. Today, online tutors are searched & it is a well paid job. This job is not limited to only kids.

How to get this job: moms with the aspiration to be a teacher must apply to different schools & institutions with a proper CV & cover letter. There are also circulars for recruitment for online tutors on different subjects available in job portals & groups.

10. Brand Promoter

Certain jobs are created to promote a brand to as many relevant places as possible. New companies need brand promoters who can post & comment with their product offerings to different social media groups & pages. Moms with great social networking skills are apt choices for this.

How to get this job: stay-at-home moms have to look for the job notices shared in Facebook job sections. Apart from this, searching on Google will also fetch many options.

11. Page Manager

A page created on social networking sites for business needs to be checked regularly. When it is a public page or group, there is the possibility of irrelevant comments & posts. One dedicated person should be there who can filter out those. This is a great option for stay-at-home moms.

Page Manager

How to get this job:  notices for such jobs are posted in the vacancy announcement groups. Apart from that, interested candidates can also knock on the new pages if they like the content of that page & are confident enough to do the job well.

12. Idea Generator

This is a new & fascinating job for creative people. There are young entrepreneurs who want to take their business or ventures to another level. They attract people around the world to share ideas related to their business. Creative & different yet effective ideas are sought for.

How to get this job: to get this job apart from the circulars, one needs to send messages or emails to different organizations that seem promising & welcoming to new ideas.

13. Animator

Moms with great skills in animation are best suited to apply for this job. There are various channels today who promote stories with lessons. To make this attractive they add animated characters. This calls for the job of an animator.

How to get this job: moms with a good relevant background of creating animated characters should apply to the broadcast organizations. There are separate vacancy announcements in different job portals as well.

14. Voice Over Artist

The job of a voice over artist attracts all those who have the right diction. There are a lot of videos today made for disseminating knowledge. For those videos, a separate voice over is required. The basic skill is the right pronunciation & ability to speak in different tones as per the requirement.

How to get this job: there are circulars for this. Apart from this, if you think that a certain channel in YouTube could be better with your voice over, you can send an email expressing your desire to work for them too.

15. Transcriber

The job of a transcriber suits moms very well.  This is to write down the messages or the narration recorded in an audio clip. The benefit or charm of this job is this is something that you won’t have to do round the clock around the week. You can do it in a particular time & send it to the task assigner.

How to get this job: A Google search will bring out great results.  There are social networking sites & pages & groups in them that post these jobs.

16. Story Writer

Writing a fictional story with a learning point is in high demand worldwide. These are posted both in digital media & in hard copies like in newspapers & magazines. This is a great job for moms. Kids love to listen to stories so moms are natural storytellers.

Story Writer

How to get this job: Google search on such job posts brings numerous options. This job is not limited to the residing country of the writer rather it appeals to the whole world.

17. Researcher

There are jobs for preparing research reports. Recruiters need employees who can work from home collecting data & processing that to come to a conclusion. Various organizations need such research reports on trending topics. So moms with analytical minds are the best ones to apply for this job.

How to get this job: research oriented organizations often publish the circular looking for the right candidates.  Moms with liking for this job can proactively knock those organizations as well.

18. Crafting Expert

Handicrafts are the symbols of beauty & heritage of a country. The sellers or the production houses of handicrafts need expert craftsmen who can produce & supply it to them. Moms with a hobby for knitting & making hand-made stuff are the best candidates for this job.

How to get this job: there are lots of gift shops & makers whose websites are available in the Google search. Interested crafting experts are supposed to send their samples or pictures of samples along with their CV.

19. Lyricist

The job of a lyricist is to come up with a well penned poem or song. There are production houses that look for creative thinkers who can pen down songs on a particular topic.

How to get this job: apart from the regular job vacancy post on the job portals, candidates can proactively email to the music companies or to the similar organizations.

20. Video Editor

Today there are many user-friendly softwares for making & editing videos. Learning with videos always creates more impact. There are many uprising organizations who call for applications to apply for such posts where candidates will work as video editors so that a concise, well edited video material can be produced as a tutorial or any other purpose.

How to get this job: moms with skills at video editing apps need to look for the vacancy announcements in every possible place to apply.

21. Health & Fitness Expert

There are moms who are more conscious regarding health & fitness than others. They are the best suited for such jobs. This is a virtual service provided to clients who need some advice. A degree in health or nutrition makes you eligible for such a post.

Health & Fitness Expert

How to get this job: moms with desire & eligibility for this post can apply to the blogs or newspapers that publish such articles. There are doctors & clinics & various sites that hire such experts. Candidates just need to be proactive.

22. SEO Specialist

Today, knowledge about digital space is highly valued as more organizations are coming online. Every business entity wants to be found out by their target customers around the world. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy that can make this happen. Anyone with knowledge of SEO is valuable today in the job market.

How to get this job: moms with such skills need to keep an eye on the job posts or search on Google for such posts to apply.

23. Event Planner

Managing events is a lot of fun for some people. They just love to take up a project to make it a success. Moms at home who have likings for this thing can apply for online event planner. The job is to make a whole schedule of any program with hour or minute wise breakdown. It is like making a Gantt chart.

How to get this job: there are various advertising agencies or project based organizations that need project planner. Moms with passion for this should apply to these organizations via email proactively if there is no job post found.

24. Online Surveyor

There are many research oriented organizations that look for surveyors who will collect data surveying on people. Topics will vary from educational to political. People spending the majority of the time online are the sample for the survey to make some reports.

How to get this job: research organizations or agencies or different writing groups on Facebook post regularly about this job to hire the best candidates. Moms with aspiration to be a researcher may apply there.

25. Business Trend Analyst

There are new business organizations who aim to make it big. To do something noteworthy, they need to analyze the current trend & predict the future demand. For this they need analysts who will come up with facts depicting rising trends. This trend projection helps make decisions effectively.

How to get this job: moms with sound contemporary knowledge & analytical power may connect to the new organizations or they may apply simply by seeing vacancy announcements.

26. Tax Consultant

There are new professionals every year joining the job sector. Not all of them are fully aware of the tax laws. That is why they need tax consultant who is supposed to collect related documents & calculate the amount of total payable tax. Mothers with accounting background are the eligible candidates for this job.

Tax Consultant

How to get this job: this job notice does not appear in social media or job portals like the other jobs. For this, the candidate has to expand her network & talk to the professionals if they need any tax consultant.

27. Book Reviewer

There are mothers who are bookworms! This job is fun & the easiest thing for them. There are many associations & groups on social media that publish reviews of books regularly for which they need skilled reviewers. What can be more relaxing than reading a novel & then preparing a summary?

How to get this job: there is a job announcement in various job portals on short notice. Mothers with a love for reading & writing are requested to search for book reading groups & send messages there if they need any reviewer immediately.

28. Translator

Even if you just know the third language well due to watching cinema or series, you can put it into work that can earn you money! Among the stay-at-home moms who are good at translation & can do it quickly, this is the job for them.

How to get this job: there are many cultural centers that organize programs with foreigners. Along with this, many educational organizations also need translators. Deserving candidates among the moms can apply through their websites via email. The application can be both reactive – by seeing a job post or proactive – applying without waiting for a circular to come.

29. Digital Marketer

There are novice entrepreneurs who want to take their business ventures to bigger heights but sometimes fail due to the lack of digital marketing support. And there are moms who are just pro at it. It is really easy for those moms to assist the new entrepreneurs to make a stronger presence digitally.

How to get this job: there are separate sections of marketing jobs in many job portals. A call for a digital marketing expert is announced there. Proactive application is also another option.

30. Business Consultant

There are mothers who have spent quite a long time in a particular industry & extracted the knowledge from it. This is the sought for value that new business organizations need & they look for such experienced people.

How to get this job: there are announcements in the newspapers often for business consultants. This is a job for experienced people & there is an option to do the consultancy on various aspects. For example – there is a huge demand for human resource management consultants who would share their insights & experience to manage the employees of an organization.

31. Telemarketer

There are always new organizations or branches of multinational companies coming each year. They need to make the people of a country or society or locality familiar with their products. There comes the need for marketing. To take the advantage of mobile phones & their extreme use, telemarketing sets in as a job.


How to get this job: stay-at-home moms may look for such jobs in the jobs section of Facebook or LinkedIn.

32. Social Media Manager

Some business owners are there who just run after generating leads to stay afloat. As they are busy outside their organizations, they need someone who can manage their social media presence. Social networking sites are the prime sources of potential customers today. It needs expert & patient employees to manage the company pages in every social site.

How to get this job: there are announcements for this position in the vacancy announcement groups in the social media & in the job sites as well.

33. Web Developer

With the increase of new business entities, the need for having an effective & modern website is enormous. Moms with degrees or certificates in web development & maintenance can work on project basis for the companies or persons who need one.

How to get this job: mothers need to look for such job vacancies in the places where new business owners meet & share their requirements. There are various groups on Facebook where new entrepreneurs meet & post their requirements. Apart from the new entrepreneurs, established business organizations also want to update their current one & look for web developers. Eligible moms are requested to look for those job posts in all the available job sites & groups.

34. Proofreader

Proofreading might not appeal to everyone. It has a separate fan base. The moms with excellent vision for making a report error free & who can find even tiny faults in a detailed report can apply for this job.

How to get this job: mostly, research organizations hire proofreaders. It is kind of editing the final copy of a thesis or a research report. Candidates may apply to those research organizations or may connect to the individual researcher expressing their desire to work in the related groups in Facebook or LinkedIn or in ResearchGate.

35. Language Teacher

The knowledge of a language can never get wasted. There are many institutes that recruit teachers who will teach the basics of a particular language to its users.  As now teaching & learning is online, mothers with distinct knowledge of a language can apply for this job or look for it.

How to get this job: language institutes publish the job vacancy. Apart from this, there are agencies that work for international students or employees, for whom language teachers are recruited. Job notices are available in Google search.

36. Travel Agent

Moms who love to be associated with organizations that work for promoting tourism may find it useful. This is a job where stay-at-home moms can make liaisons with the tourists on behalf of any travel arranging organization.

Travel Agent

How to get this job: the travel agencies often publish the vacancy notices. Interested moms are requested to look for those in their cities.

37. Photographer

If your clicks always fetch immense appreciation from people of all corners, maybe there is something special in the way you click. It is time for you now to take your skill to the next level where you can earn by displaying it.

How to get this job: there are various sites around the world that invite photographers to click theme-wise & submit it to their site in exchange for a certain payment. This payment sometimes is fixed or sometimes varies with the response it gets. Type simply – “click photo & earn” & you will get all the required details to apply.

38. Software Trainer

With the advent of research & development, new software & applications are being developed. When new software is available for public use, the demand also increases. Tech-savvy moms can look for such jobs & apply.

How to get this job: there are many training institutes that arrange training programs on software learning both online & offline. Different IT firms offer courses on software as well. Enthusiastic moms with advanced knowledge of software can search for jobs in those organizations.

39. News Editor

As more people are online today, the streaming platforms broadcast news & keep their viewers updated every hour. It has created the need for news collection, writing & editing to present. There are jobs for each category of these tasks. The job of a news editor is to make precise news out of the raw data provided.

News Editor

How to get this job: the media houses that produce news are to be contacted after searching for these jobs in the job portals or in Facebook or in Google.

40. Fact Checker

Now, there is a tendency among many people & organizations to become viral. They make a post out of available pieces of information without even checking the validity & reliability. There comes the job of a fact checker. This job is to check the fact whether it is true or false of news before publishing it online.

How to get this job: the websites of the news portal publish the notice of recruitment for such jobs. Aspiring employees are requested to search for those organizations & apply.

These are some suitable jobs for mom. Today’s job market is not like the traditional one where employees must come with certain attire to spend certain time & act in a told way. Now, for many organizations, work is going online & skills are given priority more than any other things like grades.

These forty jobs are certainly the best jobs for moms with babies at home. A regular search for the preferred job is required to apply.


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