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Jobs For Students: Why a Job is the most Wanted Thing in Student Life?

Why a job is the most wanted thing in student life

According to the majority of the students, a job is the most wanted thing or achievement in student life. Jobs for students are a very important factor. The student life is the formation of desire & aspiration of becoming something notable in society. Especially when you are close to completing your graduate program you tend to dream about being a responsible employee in a reputed organization. More than anything else, this dream haunts a student big time at the end of his/her student life. So why jobs for students in higher education is desired, let’s find out – 

Why Jobs For Students Are Most Wanted?

A job is most wanted thing in student life because:

a) Paying Back to Family

In the time of the study, in most cases, the expenditure is borne by the guardians or senior family members, so with time, there is an implied feeling of obligation in the minds of students to work & give it back to the family. So this feeling works as an urge to get employed as soon as possible after completing the study. This is how a student becomes responsible & learns to realize the value of family & its support.

jobs for students

b) Monetary Liberty

When you are a student, nobody generally forbids you to purchase all the essential things needed to complete education but in certain cases, when the families are within the bracket of middle-class income, the students can’t afford to buy the things they dream for as they know the limited scope of income & expenditure of their family members. So getting a job is the only way to be financially independent.

Monetary Liberty

c) Superior Position

A job is not only a way to get financial solvency, it also works as a way to uplift the status of a student in a society he or she is dwelling in. Whenever somebody is in some income-generating process, automatically the surrounding changes as people start to value the person more than before. Fortunately or unfortunately a person is widely known or branded by his or her income mostly in developing countries.

Superior Position

d) Being “Eligible”

Eligibility is counted with the job or work you are attached to. Family, surroundings, society, relatives all start to recognize you as someone eligible for some important talks, decision making & influence. There is a tendency to tag the job holder with the profession he or she is in, for example, a student getting a chance to work in a bank is known as a banker & this new tag “banker” is used for personal & professional reference. When there is a need to deposit money or take a loan from a bank or any other similar issue, the “banker” is called upon & his or her opinion will be highly regarded.

Being Eligible

e) Being Worthy of Marriage

Unless a male is involved in a job or making some money at the end of a month by doing something “dignified”, nobody considers him worthy of marriage. In the conservative society, a male’s worth is as much as he gets paid for the job he does. It may sound silly & unreal but it is true that no matter what the age, no matter how much responsibility you are, no matter how eager you are & you can maintain a marriage with the help of the family if a man has no job, no guardian considers that man a marriage material. In the case of females, a job uplifts the position in a family.

Being Worthy of Marriage


These are few basic reasons for which jobs for students in higher education are the most wanted. Availability of jobs for students sets a student free, gives independence & increases eligibility in society, what else a new graduate can ask for! As there is no value of a person & termed as “unemployed”  even with even a high level of education as long as he or she is not getting into some profession. Sometimes, it has to be a job & not a business because working for some organization is considered respectful rather than being involved in some business apparently in many cases worldwide.

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