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End Of Student Life: The Life After Graduation

Life after graduation

After graduation, there is the choice for students; some can continue the post-graduation while others might go for a break. Life after graduation is different, it is called the transitional time of life where there is a sudden newness in the regular pattern of life.

The Life After Graduation

How does a student feel at this stage completing study after graduation? Let’s get to know:

1. Sudden Pause from Study

when there is an end of graduation it is like an unofficial end of student life. Not all students belong to the same type of background & financial conditions & so for some, if there is an emergency to get involved in the money-making process to support the family, then there is this new feeling of being free from studies! After all those years of school, college & university there is suddenly no:

  • Call to rush to attend to classes
  • Urge to hang out & chat at class breaks &
  • The pressure of exams as well!
Sudden Pause from Study
Sudden Pause from Study

2. Call for Responsibility

When there is a break & no pressure to study gradually the student feels the responsibility that the seniors in the family bear. Each passing day is like a new lesson learned from family. This is the stage where finally a student is perceived as a grown-up, matured & responsible & so all the eyes are upon her or him. Families, relatives & other circles remind the graduate that now the comfort zone is over & it’s the time to take responsibility for the family.

Call for Responsibility
Call for Responsibility

3. Changes in Habit

After graduation suddenly the old habit of waking up early is gone & counting days keeping the exams in the center is replaced with counting days keeping the joblessness in the center! Suddenly a student now starts to form into a future professional. Where in student life, study, assignments, exams used to be the issues of engagement now it changes to attending workshops, going for training, searching for jobs available to be independent.

Changes in Habit
Changes in Habit

4. Realizing that Academic Study is not Enough

At this stage after graduation, students feel that the studies that they went through, the exercises that they practiced are not sufficient now. To be the most eligible & preferred one in the job market, one needs to study & know a whole lot of other things. Writing proper curriculum vitae along with customized cover letter becomes the priority along with studying company profiles, books on job preparation. So, academic study might be over for some who wish to continue with post graduation later on, a new type of study crops up to get a good job or livelihood.

Realizing that Academic Study is not Enough
Realizing that Academic Study is not Enough

5. Getting Ready to Face Uncertainty

Finally after graduation when the study is quite over, students feel that they have to be ready to face the uncertainty now. This uncertainty comes in terms of being shortlisted for desired position of a job, being confirmed as the finalist & being able to earn as much as required to run thyself as well as to provide for the family too.

Getting Ready to Face Uncertainty
Getting Ready to Face Uncertainty


So, life after graduation is interesting because there is a sudden change in the habit as academic study takes a backseat & a new stage of life starts to begin. This life begins making a student ready & well groomed to face the job life.

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