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Office Life : The Myths & Truths

Office life

When a student finally becomes successful in having a job, the new life begins. It is office life. Each day brings a lot of new things to learn, to un-learn & to experience. As it is the dream of a maximum number of students to be a job holder in a reputed organization where acquired knowledge can be materialized, a true idea about office life is missing in many of them. Many of the job seekers have a very incomplete & inconclusive idea. The real nature of office life is only realized once they make an official entry to it.

The Myths & Truths Of Office Life

The most commonly held beliefs or myths about office life along with their true conditions are described here:

The Myths About Office Life

The Myths About Office Life are:

a) Life is Sorted Once & For All

Too many job seekers or fresh graduates, office life is the only life when everything good happens only. Life is totally sorted. Now, there is –

  • No stress like that of student life.
  • No pressure to be successful.
  • Rest of my life will be smooth.

b) Exams Are Gone Forever

Many students have the idea that once they are out of this student life, there are no more exams in life! Especially job life or office life is free from this exam & so free from exam phobia.

c) There Will Always Be A Good Opportunity For Income

A lot of students strongly believe that student life is painful as no for money they mostly have to depend on family & so when a job will be obtained, it will fetch a lot of money. Office work means a seamless flow of money.

d) This Is Something Special

Office life is a special part of life, rest is ordinary. Being a jobholder, working in an office means I have become someone special & this vibe will stay with me forever in the family & society.

e) It’s An Easy Life

It is believed that all the hurdles & challenges are already been encountered & crossed & so the office life is the resort to enjoy a hassle-free life. It’s all about getting ready, driving a car, or catching the local transport & being present at the office to enjoy the day.

The Truths About Office Life

With each passing day, the misconceptions about office life get clarified with first-hand experiences. The Following are the realizations of the above myths.

a) Life Never Gets Sorted

As more days are passed in the job, the office work keeps increasing with responsibilities & challenges. The fresh graduate gets the real exposure to job life’s hurdles like performing each activity without error & submitting it to the supervisor for good feedback which is required for being a permanent employee. This kind of works as an eye-opener & the myth gets busted with the new realization that as long as there is life, new challenges will be there & simply having a job does not make one stress-free for life.

b) There will Always be Exams!

Getting a job we start to feel, the pressure of exams & making excellent grades are gone forever but unfortunately, after a few months we see that to qualify as worthy personnel or to get promoted to a higher rank, the job holders need to study & appear for the exams! Some most common examples are – a doctor or a teacher or a banker has to study hard & sit for the exams where the success & score of which will determine the probability to get promoted.

c) Steady Income is Not Guaranteed!

Uncertainty prevails in every sector of life. Nobody can predict the exact future. Sometimes a company hits a rough spot & lavish projects might be a colossal failure which causes loss of income, if it happens, the income or salary of the employees also get affected. So just because I am doing a job does not mean my income is huge or there will always be the certainty of getting the same amount as salary for long.

d) It’s an Ordinary life

When a job holder does the same work in an office for a long time, the specialty of being an income worthy ceases to exist. It is no more an attractive life or something special, rather a set of quite a regular routine bound things.

e) It’s A Tough Life

Office life orients us with a new sort of life where not necessarily will be friends. Surrounding people are colleagues with each one having their own objectives & targets with some sort of competition among themselves. There is a need to upgrade one’s skills, learn new applications, take charge of new positions & manage angry customers, etc. for all of these, the office life is not an easy but tough life.

Office life brings new experiences & the cope to learn gets bigger each day. It has both ups & downs & by facing all of these the myths get busted & new truths are created.

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