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Preparation For Job: What It Requires

preparation for job

When the study comes to an end, the call for professional life becomes apparent. This is the time when a student needs to invest time for the preparation for job. Though the whole student life is the time for preparation for a job still after completion of study is the time where students get to focus thoroughly for prepping up. Here, we will look into the steps necessary for the preparation as it is competitive there so one needs to be ready mentally, physically & of course emotionally.

Things To Do As Preparation For Job

Certain activities are essential from the part of the job seekers or the fresh graduates who want to be employed. Some crucial points are presented here:

a) Prepare a SWOT Analysis Of Thyself

At the very first of doing anything, it is expected to prepare or make a Strength Weakness Opportunity & Threat (SWOT) analysis of the job seeker first. The primary objective is to get a clear idea about one’s skills. It is important to aspire to become someone where you can perform the best. Sometimes, there is a pre-set desire to join a certain profession but after a self analysis, it becomes visible that I might not possess the key qualities that are prerequisite for that profession.

b) Collect Information

At this stage, it is the right time to collect necessary information as much as possible about various fields of jobs or professions or companies where you feel an attraction to. This information collection is a fun process, trust me. When you visit the websites, journals & pages of the corporations, you will learn a lot of new things like – their recent achievements, future projects, success stories or even failure stories. Sometimes you will see that the reality is so different from the image we perceive about this professional scenario when we were students.

c) Observe Seniors

The job holders in your acquaintances will be a great source for your learning. See how they get prepared for office, what they talk over the phone about work, how they carry a professional conversation, what they do in their laptops, what they post on social sites. These observations will create a future employee within you.

d) Filter out Negative Comments

Not all people you will come across or meet or talk or be friends with will be your well-wishers. Some will be genuine well-wishers whereas; others will pretend to be friends. Many others will try to put you down about your aspiration or dreams of becoming someone. It is not always because they are jealous of you, sometimes it also happens because of the partial idea they possess about your skills or strengths. So, do not let others’ opinions especially negative comments discourage you. All you can do is reassess your dream to be someone measuring against your capabilities but do not lose hope or get totally consumed by the negative remarks.

e) Learn Softwares

In the time of preparation, one great way is to get handy & expert with softwares & applications that are highly in use in the organizations to complete tasks. Learning advanced use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote with QuickBooks, SPSS, AMOS with basic working knowledge of graphics designing & web developing will surely make a competitive advantage among job seekers, as these are some commonly used applications in corporate world.

f) List Companies to Apply

Listing organizations & connecting with them is important because, by this way the organizations get to know about the well equipped fresh graduates who are looking for jobs in their organizations. This is a proactive step as most of the time people apply after seeing the recruitment notice, but it is more helpful to make a move before that. The job seekers are requested to list the companies they dream to work in & follow their newsletters & social media presence & connect thereby.

g) Study

Well, this study is not a textual or academic study, rather it is the study of the model questions & answers available on the internet regarding the job of a particular post of a particular organization. Sometimes there are banks of probable questions with answers available in the bookshops which are really helpful to get an idea about the probable written examination to qualify for a job.

h) Become the Character You Want to be

When you have decided what you want to become, collected the required information of the desired organizations, studied the sample questions for written examination, seen people going to office & learned the softwares & basic know how of applications used in corporate houses now, it is time to become the character you want to be in future. You should get into the skin of a teacher if you aspire to be one, you should think like a business analyst or researcher if you want to become one. This might sound funny, but it really helps. Impersonating the role you want to play will make it easy for you to sync in the job life later.

These were some of the steps by following which a job seeker or fresh graduate can become ready to face the office life. With a specific target to achieve in life this preparation for a job will bring immense learning opportunities that will increase the credentials of the fresh graduates or job seekers. 

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