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Starting a New Job Tips: How to Prepare Mentally?

Starting a New Job Advice

Starting a new job advice is some precious yet simple list of things to do that are needed in the early days of job life. Each phase of life has its own charm & costs. Many times, we hit a rough spot in a journey or face the setback & utter – “” wish I could know this earlier!”

In this section 10 such tips for new recruits that will benefit them in future.

Starting a New Job Tips:

Starting a new job advices are many & vary with industry & nature of the jobs, still there is certain commonness, those are listed here with brief description:

1. Realize & Accept Transition

This starting of the job life is the beginning of a new phase in life with a new set of possibilities & challenges to overcome as well.

Getting the appointment letter by mail is the starting point of this new life. This one letter tells a lot about the upcoming future. It takes a few days or weeks to get in sync with the tone of new life.

Starting a New Job Tips
Realize & Accept Transition

The student life will be missed initially for the unabashed fun & hangouts that used to work as a stress buster, but in the new premise & position it is unlikely to get back to that life & so this change or a transition is there & so the new recruit has to accept it to dwell into it to make it an enriching experience too.

Job life has its own set of charms & perks gradually which will help accept the change or transition. The newly found responsibility, compensation, appreciation & alluring environment will make the new recruits valued & satisfied.

2. Preparing a SWOT Analysis

The new job holders are requested to prepare a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat or a SWOT analysis for the new post or organization. it is helpful because when you will prepare something like this, you will get the whole idea of the –

  • Work environment
  • The benefits of the job
  • The regular challenges of the job
  • The qualifications needed to grow
  • The limitation within to match to the prospect
Prepare a SWOT Analysis Of Thyself
Prepare a SWOT Analysis Of Thyself

A systematic knowledge about these things boosts self confidence which works as a shield in future when responsibility increases & perceived difficulty appears.

3. Talk to Teachers

University teachers who were the regular mentors are a great source of some practical tips & insights. Before joining it is beneficial to talk to them about the opportunity received to work in the particular job post. 

Talk to Teachers
Talk to Teachers

Teachers of various subjects are avid users & researchers of their disciplines so they have the contemporary knowledge & ideas about the future of a particular field or sector of work. And apart from it, teachers should also be contacted to be endowed with some words of blessings as well even valuable tips & suggestions lie in their blessings as well.

4. Increasing Patience

Patience is something very much required in office or job life.

Workplace will be composed of all different people with a variety of skills & personalities. Not all will be cordial enough to be friendly. Some will be welcoming & considerate & some other people might be sharing a cold vibe & double face mentality.

Increasing Patience
Increasing Patience

As a new recruit you need to have more patience to deal with it.

5. Rescheduling Daily Chores

When we spend maximum time at home & university our schedule is quite flexible. We spend time according to our desire & plan for having meals & taking time for prayer but this thing has to be changed for the new profession.

The changes will be right from waking up time in the morning to going to sleep at night.

Rescheduling Daily Chores
Rescheduling Daily Chores

Life will not be the same.

In office, there is fixed time everyday for reaching, reporting, lunch & prayer.

Sometimes inability to adjust with this change hampers health conditions, so, it is advised to practice doing things according to the new schedule before joining, when the appointment letter will be obtained.

6. Be Ready to be Friendless

If you are lucky, you will get similar-minded people in office or in your department for which job life will become a happy & light place as we know about the human need to be social & emotional attachment. But if you are not lucky, then you will land in a place with people of different & opposite mindset where cultural difference is at its peak.

Be Ready to be Friendless
Be Ready to be Friendless

Something you will say in a casual manner which could be interpreted in an offensive manner.

So, it is better to be ready to work in a place where there will be no buddy or friend initially & I should be fine with it thinking that it’s my professional zone where making friends is not a priority.

7. Checking on Personal Habits

It is said that we are slaves of our instincts. We act based on the call of our instincts.

Checking on Personal Habits
Checking on Personal Habits

Most of the time it is true for many of us. If you recall, you will find there will be one friend who just can’t control the urge to laugh out loud at simple things even with anyone in the first meeting or there will be some relative or cousin who will crack some joke even in a serious or heavy discussion. Then there is a habit of yawning loudly which should be strictly prohibited in the workplace.

It should be kept in mind that “I am observed by many” & each of my gait will be judged by the incumbents & so I should not give people any reason for which I will have to feel embarrassed.

8. Workloads Today will Build Tomorrow

It is a thought, if recalled & uttered in the time of difficulty or heavy loads of work will actually lessen the burden or feeling of being pressured.

Workloads Today will Build Tomorrow
Workloads Today will Build Tomorrow

There will be days in office, when workloads will be extreme & erratic schedules will make it more complex.

This is something that can’t be overlooked or ignored. But this is also true that this tough time makes people more knowledgeable & confident to handle tough situations in future. But due to heavy pressure of work we tend to forget to look at the benefit of it.

9. There will be Politics

When a group of people will work, there will be some difference in opinions & interests that lead to politics.

Sometimes it is tough to spot the influence of organizational politics but with time it becomes visible.

There will be Politics
There will be Politics

The new recruits are advised not to join any group or become “too fond” of any particular person in the initial days.

This politics can make or ruin careers, so it is better to stay away from unhealthy political discussion where people are provoked to talk against others in the office.

10. Be Conservative about Spending

Job life end of the day is lucrative because of the financial independence it offers to a person but the future is uncertain too.

Starting new job advice is to be careful about spending. It is requested to spend money in a moderate way.

Be Conservative about Spending
Be Conservative about Spending

Covid-19 would hit us & shatter the livelihoods of so many people was totally unpredictable. If not this, then regular highs & lows will be there in an organization.

Sometimes compensations are given based on the profit an organization makes & not always it is a same good amount of profit.

So income can be reduced any time due to lack of business or profit, so to sustain in those days a saving will save the job holders.


The main point of the above discussion is to make the new recruits alert & aware about a future that might not be certain. Starting a new job advice will help them to be prepared to face any uncertainty with confidence.

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