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5 Most Important Student Life Activities

Activities of Student Life

Student life is a colorful time period in a person’s life.  The score or result of students can vary from low to high but the memory of student life is always excellent & remembered with high regards because of student life activities. It is true that pressure to make good grades consumes the maximum time for a sensible student but there are other important things too that we do in our student life.

Some Prominent Student Life Activities

Among a lot of activities, let’s find out 5 major & important ones:

1. Studying Mindfully

Studying hard is the prime activity or the core task of student life.  A student is identified with the act of studying, carrying a bag, taking lecture notes & things like that. It consumes the maximum amount of time of a student. Depending on the seriousness towards study some students may be reluctant while others are very attentive while some are late to complete class works & assignments; others are proactive & find joy in completing it all within the deadline.

Studying Mindfully
Studying Mindfully

 2. Worrying for Examinations

Among student life activities, apart from studies, there is worrying about examinations! It might seem funny to hear but it’s absolutely true that almost all students pass a considerable amount of time in their term worrying for the upcoming examinations, be it midterm or final! The good students too have a set of worry & anxiety for exams. Sometimes for less competitive students, this worrying leads to exam phobia.

Worrying for Examinations
Worrying for Examinations

3. Performing Extra-curricular Things

With the passage of time, students gradually get involved in extracurricular activities. It is also called club activities. Student life is colorful because of this. Most of the institutions offer this chance to engage students in various activities & events ranging from putting up a concert to organize a national or international quiz competition on any particular subject. Students have the choice to select from the list of the clubs to join & perform. This gives them immense scope to be oriented with a practical work field which changes their personality for good.

Performing Extra-curricular Things
Performing Extra-curricular Things

4. Network Building

Student life activities include chances to get oriented with diverse personalities within the campus from class-mates to batch-mates to seniors & teachers that come from different backgrounds with varied vision & perceptions about life. No matter how introverted one student is, he or she needs to talk & interact with others as the campus is always full of people studying different subjects at different stages. Some examples of the ways students build networks are – by keeping connections with the seniors for course & job-related information, establishing formal communication with the resource persons brought in for the programs like convocation or any topic related conference at university campus & by utilizing the opportunities provided by the office of student affairs of the universities.

Network Building
Network Building

5. Skill Developing

It is the student life where a person adds the majority of skills or sharpens the latent skills within her or him. Student life is not limited to study only, the whole educational environment requires analyzing concepts taught, solving textual problems, preparing term papers, attaining quizzes along with instant class tests with the presentation of assignments & solving case studies, etc. For analyzing cases & completing topic-based assignments, students need to go out to different corporate houses, private or public organizations, and make a survey preparing a questionnaire. By doing all these, students keep acquiring:

  • Analytical skills
  • Organizing skill
  • Leadership skill &
  • People’s skills
Skill Developing
Skill Developing


So these are the basic student life activities that keep every student consumed. These are fun, educative & life-changing. There are many events & programs with lots of behind-the-scenes stories among friends that are remembered throughout life. Sometimes education is forgotten to some extent but the camaraderie among students, friends & with teachers are always remembered with high regards. 

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