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Students Job: Reasons For Demand Of Students Job

Reasons for demand of students’ job

So, what are things that students want in a job? What’s there in a job that makes it so desirable? Why are students’ jobs in high demand? Let’s find it out: –

Why Students Job is in Demand?

The Reasons for demand of Students Job are:

a) Earning Opportunity

Basically students look for guaranteed inflow of high income in the professional life as many of them had been used to of some part time jobs or some tuition experience which all have been up to a certain level that could fulfill their need of pocket money but a full time job is lucrative as it offers the chance to yield a higher income that will create a positive difference or change in the lives of job holders.

b) Name & Fame

Every job candidate wants to be recognized with glory & fame in the surrounding society. A well paid job offers this scope. When a student applies for a corporate job & gets selected he or she overnight creates a buzz in the family. Suddenly the importance of that person jumps high. When such things happen, the running students dream for a job & desire for these things to happen to their lives as well when they observe their seniors achieve this name & fame in the family.

c) Respect & Influence

people want to have a power over others. Most people at certain points of life want to be of some influence for their turf. Someone tagged as “student” will not get that opportunity to be influential. When you are a position holder, you have the power to talk about that position, reaching that point with struggle faced. This thing is what a student wants to feel by doing a job well.

d) Career Growth

a job is not all about doing it now only or dwelling in present. It also has to be the ladder of development so that with the passage of time, the employee can keep learning & get rewarded for enriched & augmented performance. Students prefer those jobs or organizations that promise a healthy career growth with all the opportunities to capture, scope to grow, increasing amenities & perks & get the leadership qualities along with autonomy to make a difference in the profession.

e) Points of Differentiation

people love to be different & experienced than others. In the social outings or hangouts of friends who got jobs recently, they all would try to project themselves as someone being involved in something different & worthwhile. It is a tendency of human beings to see one’s self in a different & better light than others. That is why they look for such avenues in the job they apply for or they want to do.

So basically, after all that study & examinations & stuff, students job doing or wanting to do a job is in practice because they want to be involved in a different sphere of work where there will be good scope to income, a respect followed by influencing capability along with autonomy to create a positive impact in the society.

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