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What is a Job? Most Common Answers of the Question

what is a job

While students are busy studying & completing their regular academic activities, the call for job, seeing seniors getting the limelight among friends for having a job in student life, it often comes to the junior students’ minds that what is a job? Let’s find out, what usually students at young age perceive job as:-

What is a Job?

Most Common Answers of The Question “What is a job”:

a) Status Enhancer

The first thing students notice is that suddenly the status of a person is changed, actually enhanced after getting a job. The job holder becomes the center of the attraction in every meeting. Suddenly, the student who gets a job & visits university campus or college manages to attract all the attention from others, this leads to a feeling that a job is certainly a status enhancer.

Status Enhancer

b) An Escape from Study

As students are generally bothered about study & exams, a job is the most desirable for them because to them it is the escape from the study! The one who gets a job does not have to study & sit for exams so a job is a relief from student life’s stress! That’s how a lot of students think initially. To them doing a job is far more relaxing than study.

An Escape from Study

c) Sophisticated Tasks

Many students at an early age can’t have the proper in-depth knowledge about the duties & responsibilities associated with a job. To them, a job is only a level up to sophistication. This is so because the study is no more an attractive thing for many after being at it from school to college to university. That is why the business organizations, the outlook of the office buildings, job holders moving inside the private car & office vehicles make them believe that a job is doing something sophisticated.

Sophisticated Tasks

d) Ticket to Foreign Country

Many jobs require employees to attend training or conference programs to foreign countries arranged by office & this is a huge motivation for maximum students. They don’t consider or fail to consider the hardship & preparation & objectives for such business trips. For an outsider, a job is sometimes a means to fulfill the dream to visit foreign countries.

Ticket to Foreign Country

e) Source of Money

Being employed by some organization is the ultimate success as it enables a person to earn money, a job which is a livelihood that makes a student capable enough to earn money to bring financial independence.

Source of Money


In reality, a job is much more than earning money only. There are assigned & expected duties & responsibilities every moment for which money is the compensation, but initially, too many students, a job is a great medium to earn money for freedom.

It is true that at the early age of study, be it in school or college or university, most of the students perceive jobs by the perks & benefits associated with it. These are some characteristics that students attach with the answer to the question – what is a job?

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