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Why Are You The Best Candidate For This Position?

While attending a job interview, one of the most common questions that a candidate has to face is – why are you the best candidate for this position? This one question’s answer sometimes determines the future of the candidate.

This is the scope to convince the interviewer that they are interviewing the right person. So, let’s see how a candidate can be prepared to answer this question.

Why this Question – “Why are You the best Candidate for this Position?”

This question is asked to give a chance to the job seeker to prove the point that he or she is the one the organization is looking for a particular post. Although the CV along with the cover letter of the candidate conveys the message to a certain extent, still this question is asked to hear it from the candidate. Some reasons behind asking this question are:-

  • To offer a chance to explain the competence of candidates
  • To see if the candidate can speak in convincing tone
  • To observe the confidence in the candidate
  • To notice if the candidate is getting nervous or saying it right
  • To primarily select the best one
Why Are You The Best Candidate For This Position
Why Are You The Best Candidate For This Position

What Recruiter Expects?

When this question is asked, the recruiter expects that the candidate:

  • is confident enough to answer
  • knows how to present the skills & explain the “person-job-fit”
  • can align the answer with the job post & objectives of the organization
  • does not sound robotic or mechanized
  • is well prepared about it to say within a minute or two
What Recruiter Expects
What Recruiter Expects

How to Answer (Tips)

So, the core thing is – how to answer this precious question that will create an impact. There will be lots of job seekers for the interview & so it requires special preparation & word selection & the right approach to make a mark that will make a candidate standout. Some tips are shared here for an effective answer.

1. Present Your Strengths

The first thing is to review your skills & strengths & while answering, try to put those & make yourself someone very much capable of performing the expected duties of the job post that others won’t be able to.

2. Prioritize Company’s Goals

It needs to remember that the recruiters are only interested to see & judge that portion of your total capabilities which is required to perform the job duties. So, it is mandatory to study the company or organization’s goals or objectives first so that it can be aligned with the innate skills of the candidate.

Prioritize Company's Goals
Prioritize Company’s Goals

3. Track the Time Duration

While answering, as a candidate you must keep track of the time you are taking for it. The answer should be:

  • Crisp
  • Constructive &
  • Relevant to the job duties

It is better to finish the answer within 1 minute & thirty seconds maximum.

4. Make Eye Contact

While answering, you must make proper eye contact with the interviewers. When you look into the eye, it shows that you are –

  • Confident
  • Well prepared &
  • Professional

5. Highlight Relevant Experience

If you have previous job experience, include that information only if it is related to the post you are applying for. Sharing relevant experience will strengthen your explanation.

Highlight Relevant Experience
Highlight Relevant Experience

What not to Do?

While answering this question, candidates must be careful about certain issues. The things to be avoided or not to do are pointed here:

1. Don’t use a Lot of Superlatives

If you use more superlatives, it may sound unreal which will decrease the chance of being selected.  Claiming to be the best again & again leads to doubt regarding authenticity.

2. Don’t miss any Crucial Point

If you have special training or certificates related to the job post or some special achievement, never miss it to mention.

Dont miss any Crucial Point
Don’t miss any Crucial Point

3. Don’t take more than Two Minutes

No matter how much prepared you are or how much you enjoy explaining your credentials, it should not cross more than two minutes at all. People generally concentrate on the beginning & become focused up to the first few minutes.

4. Don’t forget subtlety

While you will speak, there should be a balanced approach. You should not be too stiff that it seems you are just saying lines without feeling them. On the other hand, you should not be informal in approach to talking or sitting and it seems you are there to chat & gossip!

Sample Answers

Two sample answers for the question – “why are you the best candidate for this position?” are described here.

Sample #:1

“I consider myself the best candidate for the post of Human Resource (HR) Executive because I gel with people really well. I feel achieved when I solve peoples’ problems by cracking their psychology. While most people run away from problems, I like to address it & analyze it to find out the root causes so that I can come up with pragmatic solutions.  I strongly believe that success depends on utilizing the talents of the employees of an organization & I enjoy the process of offering or arranging the right task for the right people.”

Sample Answers
Sample Answers

Sample #:2

“I believe that I am the best candidate for this position of an Assistant Professor because teaching is my field of passion. It is not like a job to me, I enjoy the process of explaining concepts to the students & cherish the moment when they understand & there comes a smile or ease on their faces. I think teaching is an art that makes the difficult concepts easier & makes people feel interested in learning & applying that. I also love writing & producing research papers on contemporary issues. My list of publications validates my hobby. ”


So, now in the next job interview, if you are asked “why are you the best candidate for this position?” – It would not be stressful anymore. I wish you all the very best.


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