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How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

write a research paper introduction

To write a research paper introduction first one has to select the title and abstract. After that the most important part of a research paper is the introduction. It’s a vital part of a research paper of what the audience will read. From this article, we can know how to write a research paper introduction.

Tips to Write a Research Paper Introduction

There are some tips for how to write a research paper with an effective introduction.

  1. Start broadly and then narrow down

In the first paragraph, briefly describe the broad research area  within the broader field, making the work accessible to a broader audience and then narrow down to a particular focus will help position your research topic.

2. State the aims and importance of the topic

Research Papers are rejected for “not showing the basic structure and the importance of the topic” or “lacking clear motivation and findings” usually neglect this point.  

What are the Main Four Components?                                      

The main four components in four paragraphs of the document which is not necessarily important but will helpful to show  how to write a research paper introduction.They are given below:

  • Context
  • Need
  • Task
  • Object

Why is it Needed to Write a Research Introduction?

An effective and well-written introduction is very important. It is the most challenging part of a research paper to write because one can never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Structure and Approach of the Opening Paragraphs

An introduction is the wide beginning of the opening paragraphs of the paper that answers three important questions for the reader and reviewers:

  1. What is the beginning of the paper?
  2. Why should I read the beginning of the paper?
Why Is It Needed To Write A Research Introduction

The wide beginning of the paper will provide readers and reviewers with their initial impressions about research design, sampling techniques, writing style, overall quality of research, data collection methods, logic of the argument, the validity of findings, and conclusions.

When Do I Start?

A common important question asked at the beginning of any paper is, “Where should I start?” and “When do I begin?”

What is the Function of the Introduction Section

The function of the Introduction should answer the question ‘Why?’
1. why one should choose the topic for research?
2. why it is significant?
3. what is the methodology?

The Function Of The Introduction Section

These are general stages associated with writing an introduction:

1. One can Establish an area to research by highlighting the significance of the topic, making general statements about the topic for research, and presenting an overview of current research on the subject.

2. One can discover a research niche by opposing an existing assumption, formulating a research question or problem, revealing a gap in existing research, Continuing a disciplinary tradition.

What is the Purpose of Research Paper Introduction?

Purpose of Research Paper Introduction is to explain a general research issue or problem to the specific area of research, the methodology, summary of the structure of the rest of the paper, the significance of the research being conducted, and what the study can reveal.

The Purpose Of Research Paper Introduction

It also explains both qualitative and quantitative research methods with research design, sampling techniques, and data collection methods used. From the above discussion, we came to know how to write a research paper introduction.


A strong Research Paper Introduction will motivate readers and reviewers to read the entire research paper and assist get research work published in scientific journals.

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