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Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry Book Review for all Editions

Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry

This book represents one of the best available biochemistry. It presents a highly readable way of a huge amount of useful concepts and knowledge. I used the text as an undergraduate and I find it difficult to part from it even as a graduate student.

Also, an excellent method for revision is the understanding of biochemistry CD which is included with the text. when the book is used in combination with the CD, retention of knowledge and ease of comprehension is greater. Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry comes highly recommended and as an invaluable guide for any serious biochemistry students.

About the Author of Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry

David L. Nelson is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Department of Biochemistry. He is also the head of the training program for the Center for Cross-College Biology Education at the university.

Founded in Wilmington, Delaware, Michael M. Cox After graduating from Delaware University in 1974, Cox went to Brandeis University to do his doctoral work with William P. Jencks, and then to postdoctoral study at Stanford in 1979. From Robert Lehman. In 1983, he moved to Wisconsin-Madison University, and in 1992 he became a full professor of biochemistry. His research focuses on the processes of restoring recombinational DNA.

Lehninger ‘s Principles of Biochemistry is a very detailed book, in which unique illustrations illustrate a large number of current subjects that represent the state of the art. 

About the Author

To understand the text, the reader must have some basic chemical knowledge, and in some instances, the writers refer back to subjects that are only addressed later in depth. The overall work is easily understandable in any case and is elaborately detailed for use both as a guide and as a learning tool.

Thus these two fit very well together with examples of top-level quality and material that is kept clear and readable. This is certainly not a situation where pretty pictures are used to mask textual vulnerabilities! In this regard, readers who are still expected to learn from older biochemistry textbooks should take a look at Lehninger, as the authors have succeeded in exemplifying the latest methods and results with well-crafted diagrams and text. 

It is well known that the spatial organization of biomolecules and the subsequent impact on their work became a subject of interest in science thanks to the elucidation of the structure. Lehninger addresses these rapid developments.

Editions of Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry

Over time, science has become more informative and successful. So new information is updated in this book almost every year. This book has been edited 7 times. 

1st and 2nd edition of Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry

This book connects the threads of courses in all major biological subdisciplines (biology, genetics, cell biology, microbiology), and puts them squarely within the framework of life chemistry. Would be a nice read along with a physiology introductory text.

Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry 3rd Edition

The 3rd text edition, still published by Nelson and Cox, available on the market since 2000.look at the book and find this book has been extensively revised while retaining the excellent ordinary text structure.

Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry 3rd Edition

This version also contains the CD-ROM and there are plenty of wonderful pictures and animations that can help you teach and learn biochemistry. Unlike the text of Voets, this book is not oriented to chemistry. So if you’re looking for a mechanism that’s behind the metabolic process, Voet and Voet may be better. But in general, whether you want to study or teach biochemistry this book is a book of your choosing.

Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry  book 4th and 5th edition

The several changes between the 4th and 5th editions, on all accounts, bring the book into line with the most recent study. The scope of this work also warrants its purchase, because only from the Table of Contents, one can be almost certain that Lehninger has covered the important areas. 

While some students are likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of knowledge, they will still have a book that proves very useful later in their careers when they need to find the specifics of the biochemical concepts underlying specific problems.

Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry  book 4th and 5th edition

Lehninger is also recommended for those who are already employed in medicinal chemistry or related fields because the book discusses current research topics such as signal transduction in exacting detail in addition to the basic background material included. 

Lehninger also crosses the gap in many subject areas to current drug exploration, as a variety of drugs, and their roles are listed in the text in information boxes scattered.

Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry  book 6th and 7th edition

To reach as large a student audience as possible, discussions are being conducted on both photosynthesis and metabolic diseases. And the curriculum can be used in both undergraduate / graduate and medical school courses. 

As with other members of this type of text, the average student is likely to have some trouble attributing relative significance to a given item considering the overall breadth of subject coverage. Nevertheless, for most scholars, careful reading with some guidance will be satisfactory and the book will act as the supporting text for the normal biochemistry course. The bibliography is not as comprehensive as others, but will provide additional material with pointers; The 6th edition has 1198 pages. It was published in 2012. 

The new sixth edition of this best-selling guide to biochemistry retains the consistency and coherence that appeals to students while integrating the very latest developments in the area, newly worked examples, and the end of chapter issues, as well as an updated artwork program to illustrate key processes and lessons.

Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry  book 4th and 5th edition

Several detailed texts concerning biochemistry are available. Lehninger’s fourth edition builds on a promising history begun with the first edition which was in its period a landmark book. 

The 28 chapters continue from the discussion of the fundamental molecules involved in cellular events across metabolism to the latest aspects of molecular biology, an anticipated and logical progression. Illustrations are performed well, and frequently.

 Accompanying each chapter is a brief but valuable bibliography and a collection of problems. The answers to problems are at the top, along with an extensive glossary and a comprehensive index.

Price of Lehninger Principle of Biochemistry Book

It can be bought from both offline and online. Price varies a little for editions. The 7th edition of the lehninger principle of biochemistry book is available on Amazon for 270 dollars. 


“Biochemical Concepts” would be of interest to those intending to work in the life sciences field. For those students who wish to specialize in molecular biology, Lehninger is a good guide, while coverage is likely to be too detailed to others.

Nevertheless, the book is a worthy investment, as it includes nearly all the biochemical subjects, each with detailed and well-illustrated descriptions. The Lehninger principle of biochemistry book remains the most authoritative book in biochemistry, after several years.

Biochemistry is a very interesting topic that needs a great deal of organization, and what a student least wants is to struggle with the book’s structure or text.

The topics on this Lehninger Principle of biochemistry book are built logically and take the reader’s hand in depth through its contents. I’d say this is one of the few books that can be called biblical. I see this book as promising a future as no book as similar to Lehninger.


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