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Social Development And Why it is Important

Social Development

Social Development explains structural and qualitative changes in the overall society and its people so that they can gain maximum potentiality.

Society is all about  the people living there with general norms and culture which is based on their moral consensus and Development means  improvement and bringing a change for good.

What is Social Development ?

Social Development stands for making the people living the society the main objective and keep them in the center of attraction in any change in the society or development .

Which means the purpose of the development should not be dominated and only  concern about people of any single class, race, position, power or religion. Development was judged by the economic conditions and only socio economic was the only mater of concern in the beginning but now the importance of social development is very much evident to the world and it is also a matter of big concern for almost everyone now. Social development gives opportunities and equal right to utilize the opportunities to conquer their dreams without any barriers of discrimination.

Social Development for Whom?

Social development is also a voice of vulnerable, powerless, poor and resilient society which try to make everyone’s life better including these people. Poverty and less power may not be the reason for their lagging behind. Government is seen mostly accountable for the facilities and opportunities they get or they do not get.

But when we want to develop our society but beside government, NGOs(non government organizations) and private organizations also work for social development. The opportunities and  be self-sufficient and learn newer skills to develop themselves. In the past it was only believed that social development means the growth of the family system in the closed environment but now the policies of development is for all the people in the society and environment.

Though everyone is a part of development but social development is the means to reach the marginal people with all Education has explored newer styles and policies to improve the life of people ,making them eligible and skilled .a well established thought was that social development is only possible by enriching the economic sector only but only socio-economic development is not enough to ensure the improvement the life quality of people in the society. It is the key to betterment of the citizens.

If the policy maker will not be aware of all the people of the social context then poor will be poor and rich will dominant. Even the least developed countries like Bangladesh, India ,Nepal will find it difficult to raise the living standards of the citizens .So the very clear intention here is to make the life of the citizens better and skilled them so that they can be productive and it is also the motive of social development to make the betterment of society ,make the people self sufficient and productive.

Background in Brief 

Development should be planned or its  a subject to thought about ,this concept came after 1990s when neoliberalism was introduced. World poverty report, 1990 by world bank, human development report by United Nations etc. made it very visible that poverty, living standard of people should be upgraded by removing poverty, the life standard should be increased, health of people should get attention and thus the concept of betterment named Development started its journey and it is a on going process till now. In this journey of  development gets many models like 5 stage growth model, dependency theory, modernization theory etc. and many countries get many models to follow in order to develop their nation and be self sufficient as a country, some model fails and some helps many countries to shine.

From Where it Started ?

Equality of People in Social Development

In 1995 in the Social Development Summit – United Nation decided declared set of goals for development to give development a framework on based on the need of the population which started with 8goals like-poverty removal, child and maternal health, literacy rate, child birth rate etc. titled Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) and it was the time when social development get the attention and spread worldwide with the motive of building a social life where people can lead a peaceful life with each other It established coexistence of people ,relations between countries established.

Many countries following this frameworks upgraded themselves .Even Bangladesh get awarded for fulfilling goal number four and also helped Bangladesh to raise the lifestyle of people .It helps  to ensure opportunities and rights not to the marginal and poor people only rather it is for everyone to get the same facilities.

After that in 2015 the set of goals were established centering more concern about to society and people and also about the environment and came up with new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is more elaborated and focused to even more issues of the society like -hygiene, climate, water etc. consisting 17 goals .It targeted that up to 2030 it will help the countries among the worlds to meet up with the social need of the people and the environment which important to live sound with more detailing and open the ways of opportunities more. Now govt, NGOs, civil societies, private organizations have also seeing into this matter trying to achieve the goals and contribute in social development.

Why is it Important?

In case of any country the development is dependent on its citizens .Unless a country can ensure proper education with newer technologies and styles for all the students the students of that country wont be capable and productive ,which indicates that the population will be a burden which was supposed to be assets of the nation. However a health sector of a country ensures healthy life to its citizens ,child care, increases birth rates and longevity of people .So if the people of a society is fit it can perform well for the country.

The economy of a country is very much dependent on industrialization and social development even help it by providing eligible and fit employments. Bangladesh is showed an outstanding performance in dealing with poverty and child mortality along with mother health trying to meet the MDGs and it  is an example that social development does not only help the marginal people rather it  ensuring equal rights to everyone can lead even a country to be self sufficient as a country not being mere a poor and country and seek for help instead it can help itself by socially developed the population. That’s why it is needless to talk about its importance because it can not be described in words.

Leads to Social Coherence 

Social Coherence

Discriminations , Inequality, favoritism, lobbing, discrimination etc. take away the chances from the deserving’s and also lot of people didn’t even get the chance to at least proof their abilities. But social development talks about equality-rights  of education, employment, health, society and it gives each people of the society to make them capable enough, cherish their dreams and being productive .But if it did not happened then inequality, discrimination will increase in the society ,young and unemployed generation can be misguided.

Even inequality in the income range is not good for the economy of the country as well .If the people of the society can get a standard life with equal opportunities than only people can live peacefully otherwise jealousy, need, biasness will only create chaos and hamper the peace of the society. That’s why social development is very important to ensure social coherence and remove discriminations and stop violence.

Social Development and Children 

Development of a personality started in childhood .Social development helps a child to learn how to properly interact with people ,learn language skills .Social development ensures equal opportunities of studies from school which  also quality and the concept of discrimination in names of gender, religion, cast etc. can not reach their mind. Social interaction help them to improve their communication skills, it also teach them established self esteem. Also interaction with other children making friends help them to improve their language skills, learn newer things, learn right attitude of socialization and it will also give confidence to identify own personality and being confident about.

They also learn to handle different situations, how to ignore chaos and clash and learn positive attitudes from school and friends with the help of social development and parents can also help them by doing the social practices as a child learn most of things at home seeing their parents. A child learn by some senses like feeling, observing, hearing, smell and taste in their home and outside. When the play in the playground they learn rules and regulations, discipline and also how to respect and obey the rules .They also learn the difference between right and wrong .Playing in playground helps them to socialize and showing respect to each others thoughts and cooperation.


In every creation and situation there is hope for improvement. Development is a process of making improvement and changes for better. Social development so is the development which is done for the well being of the people, society and environment .Though people used to miss understood developments measures by only the means of economy but now they realized that without thinking about the citizens only economic growth of a certain portion wont help. And that’s how the journey of social development started since the MDGs from setting a framework now in every spears of life.

Governments, NGOs, private organization etc. are mainly concern about it and try to ensure social development everywhere in education ,employment ,organizations ,innovations etc. and make the population productive so that they can perfectly utilize the resources of the country and be self sufficient .

Now the question is who will do this ? It take us to the motive of social development which stands for giving everyone all the opportunities and rights to even  the marginal and poor. But it is a import thing to notify that social development stand for not all  giving opportunities to the poor.

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