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Social Responsibility of People

Social Responsibility

Before knowing social responsibility, we need to know first what is responsibility? responsibility is a word that portrays taking the authority of caring, protecting, trying the best for something, someone or somebody. Social responsibility stands for the responsibility which calls for the equilibrium of economic and social growth and wellbeing. It stands for the beneficiary steps and duty that should be obeyed keeping the welfare of the society in mind.


In a contemporary context, the roots of social responsibility can be traced back to Milton Friedman’s now-notorious essay written in 1970. The Nobel-Prize-winning economist has written in the New York Times that social responsibility is a “fundamentally subversive doctrine in a free society.”He believed that a corporation’s primary responsibility to the shareholder is.

In criticism of Friedman’s viewpoint comes from John Elkington with Forks at Cannibals in 1999. Elkington proposed the ‘triple bottom line’ idea, suggesting that concern for society and the environment should coexist with an appetite for profit.

Types of Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an ethical thing. An ethical person can not do anything harmful to the people he knows, to the society he lives. Ethics helps us to make the right decisions and obey the rules of humanity and society as well as show us the right path to follow Morality makes us responsible for using social resources and makes us concerned about what we see, what we use.

Types of Social Responsibility

According to ISO 26000-2010, Social Responsibility includes seven core social responsibility subjects:

  • Organizational governance
  • Human rights
  • Labor practices
  • Environment
  • Fair operating practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Community involvement and development
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ethical behavior

Why Social Responsibility is Needed?

We are responsible for our environment which bestowed us with fresh breath every time, heal our mother nature, and make our world a better place for us. It gives us shelter, food, a shadow from the sun, and protection fighting back with every natural calamity. So it is our responsibility to protect this environment too.

Response to Mother Nature

What our mother nature is doing for us can not be matched up but as creatures of this environment, we must try not to harm nature at least. As a social being if not for nature but other people living with us we need to take care of our environment and resources.

Response to Mother Nature
Response to Mother Nature

Because it is our deeds that impact the world and someone else needs to suffer, For example, the pesticides we use harms the life in water, pollution we create is damaging the ozone layer and it is making the world warmer and unsuitable place to live. The ice of the mountains of millions of years old is melting and the geographically low countries are drowning, people are dying.

What’s the Reason Behind the Devastation?

It is for the irresponsible people and nations who didn’t think about others just for their benefit uses chemicals, reduces harmful gases, creates pollution, destroyed forests and for their deeds, others are paying. Researchers have predicted if the climate keeps changing like this then the existence of humans will be at stake like other extinguished animals.


If the people would have been socially responsible and do their project with social and natural concern then things won’t be like this. If deforestation hasn’t been so severe then trees could have protected us even more. that is why being socially responsible towards the resources we use like trees, land, water and preventing pollution is very important for us to lead a healthy life and also for assuring resources for our future generations as well.


Even as human being we should be empathetic with people beside us, understand them, live peacefully, and protect the national assets is also important. For example using brides, roads, ships, visiting tourist spots all are our national assets, and keeping them clean, protective is also our social responsibility. So we should protect these and also not let anyone make any harm to the material and animal life also.


We should also be the media to be helped by our neighbors, colleagues, friends, strangers everyone because the relation of humanity is bigger than any other relation, and the day we start to think about people around us we won’t be able to do anything irresponsible and the world will be a place of eternal place for love and brotherhood.

Even the animals are also should be taken care of. They can not talk so we should be the voice of them. Animal killing, animal violence, smuggling, using them for business, recreation is not right and it also against animal rights. We should protect them, it’s our responsibility. Animals are very important, they balance our ecology. But due to irresponsible attitude towards animals many animals are extinguished .it is high time we should take care of them.

Social Responsibility to Sustainable Development

Social responsibility is the key to sustainable development. Social responsibility only can revive the sense of awareness in society to develop a world of peace and happiness with a lot of scopes and opportunities remaining for the future generation.

Social Responsibility to Sustainable Development

The policies started to balance the economic and people’s priorities. It also ensures people think about sustainability to think for the future also and their access to resources.

Growth models application is responsive to natural resources, environment. Environment-friendly policies are made. Empowerment of women, minorities, equal rights for everyone without thinking about class, race, gender to make a peaceful society with equal rights.

Social Responsible in Profession or Corporate Life

Social responsibility in professions, also known as Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR), involves individuals and companies who ethically perform business perform business ethically perform business and are responsive to financial, cultural, economic, and environmental issues. Striving for social responsibility allows the positive effect of individuals, organizations, and governments on growth, industry, and society.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Good management decisions aren’t all about profit maximizations. Wise decision-makers recognize the potential effect of today’s decisions on people, the environment and consumers, and their opinions.

Although professionals work, innovation, free competition, and other conventional economic forces continue to drive business, the reputations of companies and their ability to compete successfully around the world

Laws and Rules

Judicial obligations are responsible not only to people but also to society. laws and regulations must be observed. Each one has to work at all levels of society within the boundaries defined by the various occupations. Such laws and regulations are designed to maintain equilibrium and the common benefit of society

Laws and Rules
Laws and Rules

Abide by the rules of the country is every citizen’s duty. protect the rules, not violate it and be respectful to the laws, the rules of the country. Believe in the judiciary and justice of the law, not doing anything illegal that’s all it takes to be an idle citizen . . iF everyone is the law -obedient then all the normal citizens will be counted as a socially responsible person and the society can be a peaceful place free from crime and oppressions.


Social responsibility is the theoretical notion that people should not act ethically or morally instead should contribute actively to the welfare of society. Social responsibility is a voluntary decision not only to take care of the bottom line but also to give back to the benefit of the society’s communities, citizens, and people. In certain situations, people just think about their gain rather than a positive outcome for all.

The institutions can start to open new doors for students to learn about the value of social responsibility so that they can eliminate the social barriers that exist based on racial inequality and prejudice. There are still so many immoral behaviors in society and students are the best ones to stop them as they are the future leader of a nation. “We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others” – Janie Lewis (EnkiQuotes, 2017).


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